21 + A Special Treat for YOU!

So I turned 21 yesterday. I love birthdays mainly because of cake... Actually, I think that's the only reason! :P Who doesn't love cake, right?

Forever grateful that I was able to spend it with family and friends :) Wouldn't have it any other way. I wish they would give me cake everyday though!!! 

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Here are some of my shop's latest creations:

Hair Transformation... in 2 weeks. || Free perm!

So I decided to chop off my hair 2 weeks ago just because I'm so sick of my long hair. It's inspired by Keiko Lynn's current look and I'm so thrilled that it turned out well! At first, my hairdresser thought it was a bad idea because I have thick and really damaged hair, so she was afraid that my hair will look like a lion's mane. I persuaded her to just give it a try ( and reassured her that it will turn out great;) ) so she obliged and thankfully, I was right!
After 1.5 weeks, I saw someone post on Facebook (on a beauty-related group) that a lady was looking for someone who has short and un-bleached hair for her perm assessment at Servilles (for FREE!) For those who aren't from NZ, Servilles is one of NZ's leading hairdressing academy. A lot of girls already commented but they all have long hair so I tried my luck and what do you know, she gave me the spot!

Upon arriving, I was so thrilled to see that most of the students have such colourful and creative hairstyles. They were rocking green, pink, orange, and pretty much any colour that you can think of! I wish I could have taken some photos but I was too excited for my ~hair transformation~

When I met Tayla, she told me all about the process and asked me about my hair. I passed all the necessary requirements to go through with it so yaay free perm! I asked all about Servilles and she said that they require models every now and then because they have different assessments (hair colouring, chemical straightening, creative cuts, hair up, perm, etc.) It was her very last assessment in Servilles so I felt extra lucky that I was able to grab Tayla's very last spot since she's really talented!

After perming my hair, Tayla also gave me a tour in the salon and recommended some great products to maintain my hair. I never invested on hair products but now I feel like I have to because permed hair is quite high maintenance and if I neglect it then I'll look like a rockstar who hasn't taken a shower for weeks.

So here's the before and after! The look is totally out of my comfort zone but I really love it!

On Picking Myself Up Again.

photo via

It's funny and comforting how life easily changes its course. If I updated my blog a little more than a month ago, this post would have a completely different vibe. August was definitely a hard and painful month for me, as I had to pick myself up and accept the fact that I need to let go of certain things. It was an agonising process that I had to go through day after day. I think the hardest part was waking up in the morning and realising that it's another new day that I need to endure. Another day of remembering all the things that are causing me pain. Another day of wishing that I could somehow just take a break from everything, but I know I couldn't because the world doesn't stop for anyone. Even though it was too hard to get the fuck out of bed and face reality, I had to. 

Week after week, things somehow got better. I went out of town, joined a camp, met tons of new friends, caught up with old friends, spent a shit ton of money for make-up and clothes, read books, watched TV series, stayed over at friends' house, and many other things that I haven't done for a while. I kept myself busy and stepped out of my comfort zone. And somehow, it helped me realise a lot of things, as well as look at life in a different perspective. In those weeks, I managed to pull myself out of the grave that I buried myself in. 

I would be lying if I say that I'm completely ok now - of course not. There are still days when I feel completely "off" and wish that things ended differently. But I am glad that in most days, I knew that it was the right decision and I'm better off where I am now. That I deserve better and know that everything happened for a reason. That life has so many things in store for me, and I cannot wait to witness it.

Now, waking up in the morning isn't so hard anymore. I am no longer greeted by painful memories and emotions. Waking up no longer means it's another day to endure pain, but rather facing opportunities that lie ahead in front of me. I'm beginning to love myself again, and no longer wish to just 'disappear' from everything. I've already accepted the fact that I can't go back and need to just keep moving forward. 

If I updated my blog a little more than a month ago, I would not have talked about hope and acceptance. I was in a completely different state. And I am glad that I am able to share a positive one instead of pain and misery. I do know that all of us have our own problems that drag us down in the most painful way. And I also know that we can get through this. I know for sure that this isn't the last time when life will test my strength but I find comfort in knowing the fact that when that dreaded time comes, I know I can get through it again. No matter what and how hard it is. 

So if you're reading this and going through something that you think you'll never overcome, I hope you find solace in knowing that everything that you're feeling right now is temporary. It might be still there tomorrow, you might still be dreading waking up in the morning. But I know for sure that it will pass soon enough. 

The Happy List

It's been months since my last blog post and I feel like it's about time to get back on blogging! I took quite a long break and I really do miss blogging so hopefully, I'll blog regularly again. 

1.) Friends who helped me survive a tough break up and did their best to help get back on my feet again! These past few weeks have been all about moving on, acceptance, and starting over - and I could not have done it without them. I've been offered a place to stay, a day at a resort, unlimited food, emotional support, funny stories, and a whole lot more. Incredibly thankful and happy for having them <3

2.) TV shows for keeping me sane. Seriously, when going through a tough time, TV shows are like my back up friends. They keep me sane for hours, for as long as I want. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy all over again for the 3rd time now and still doesn't get old. 

3.) Seeing the bigger picture.

4.) Slowly stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm going to a camp (targeted at 18 + ) on Friday and I'm so excited (and quite nervous too!) I never liked camps because I hated the idea of being surrounded by strangers and sleeping with them in the same room but hey, here I am now!

5.) I lost a couple of pounds and my old clothes finally fit me again. 

6.) Seeing friends whom I haven't seen for months/years during a party last week. I had a total blast. I wish I could spend my Saturday nights like that forever.

7.) Randomly hearing one of those songs that just makes me feel... inspired. It's what actually motivated me to type in blogger.com and do this post. If you're curious, I'm talking about this song. You're welcome.

8.) Hearing the words that I needed to hear to lift up my spirit. 

9.) Finally getting an 8-hour sleep - uninterrupted.

10.) Knowing that I'm on the right track. 

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