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Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! I spent mine in town, partying with friends :) Just to give you a brief idea, we stayed at Waldorf Hotel to celebrate Jacob's 20th birthday. The thing is, only 5 people are allowed inside the room so we had to sneak in one by one. It took us AGES to get in because there are heaps of staff in the reception and there are several guards patrolling the area. We started the party at 12:30-ish AM and yeah, I really enjoyed catching up with several people as well as making new friends! I went home the following morning at around 8:10 and got home just in time for church.

Thanks to Yours Truly for the arrow graphic
Anyway, I'm still exhausted and my mind is totally blank right now so I guess I'll just make a list:

  • I'm looking for guest posters! This could be about anything since my blog doesn't really seem to fit in a particular niche (and I refuse to despite the fact that it's against the blog commandments!) Anyway, all I ask is for you to provide good quality photos (no shadows, not blurred, good lighting) together with your post. Don't make it too long, 300 words would be enough :) Please contact me at: if you're keen to contribute! I will give you a social media shoutout and put your blog button on my sidebar for 2 months :)
  • It's time to totally cram again, everything is due this week! Martin made me promise that we won't  slack off tomorrow... I'll make sure that I'll keep my promise this time for the sake of my grades- well, our grades. 
  • I will be hosting a giveaway on October which will totally excite you (promise!) The giveaway will be hosted on another blog, the blog owner already agreed so it's all set! Don't worry, I'll let you guys know when it will begin.. it's just that I won't post the details on my blog. Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook Page to know more about it! All followers have the advantage of receiving discount codes, irresistible offers, and so much more!
  • I must say that I'm running out of things to blog about!!! Well, I actually have so many things to say but since I haven't taken photos when it happened, I just lose motivation in typing about it.  
  • My laptop is acting weird lately. Aside from the fact that it's already slow, it's starting to create noise as well! The battery life is absolutely shit (less than 1.5 hours), it's also quite heavy for me and it's not helping my scoliosis at all. Martin always insists that I should buy a Macbook but... yeah, we'll see. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll be updating my blog using a brand new laptop ;)
  • Speaking of Apple products, I'm not actually a fan. In fact, I'm one of those people who believe that Apple products are pieces of shit and are super overpriced. I think that I've been brainwashed by Martin that's why Macbook is now included in my "to buy list". 
  • I'm also lusting over iPhone 5!!! I'm not a fan of new technologies either (hah, my phone is a Nokia N95 and records > mp3) but damn guuurrrl, the new iphone is just too sleek and sexy. I hope I get over this "I WANT ALL THE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!" phase because this will surely make me bankrupt. 

How was your weekend? Also, I'm making a video blog on Tuesday so if you guys have any specific requests/questions, email 'em to me! (you can make a comment anonymously too if you're shy)

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  1. Love how you used the arrow and thankyou so much for the credit!! xo

  2. even random stuffs are best to be shared here in blog,Gia. Im a follower. though i love viewing pics on blog, still im looking for those who has content. keep onbloggingwhat you think is worthwhile.

    just me,

  3. Blog niches? Who needs a niche. Its waaay more fun to have NO idea what a post is going to be about when a blog is updated...!