Just some questions I've received :)

I received some queries regarding different things! It's nice to know that you guys (117 GFC and lurkers... yes I can see you!) are really reading my posts. I got emails and Tumblr asks so I guess it would be appropriate to address those questions on this post.

Q: I can't figure out if you're going out with anyone or not
A: I don't know either!!! Nah just kidding. I'm actually in a sort of open relationship with someone who lives in another region. I met him 3 years ago :) I'm not really the type of person who blogs about these kind of stuff so ask away!

Q: How many readers do you have in your previous blog? 
A: 3,000 + readers! :) Also, may I add that I'm really glad that my  followers on Tumblr haven't forgotten about me. Most of my page views come from Tumblr so thank you guys! (hugs and kisses)

Q: What will you be selling? Or are you actually gonna sell something?
A: Shush! I'm still going over it (cost, time, suppliers, postage, etc) It's kind of tough to calculate all those stuff since majority of my readers are international = high postage rate (yes, NZ charges a lot of $$$ for postage) Give me about 2 months and I'll let you guys know :)

Q: How much is your camera and did you pay for it? Is it nice?
A: I got it for NZD$ 2000 (it was on sale, so I got a discount of $200) which includes a  50-200 lens. Yes, I paid for it :) I'm actually in love with it!

Q: Do you accept swaps and guest bloggers?
A: I do I do I do!!! Please contact me at: gia.martinez@outlook.com 

Q: Where are your social media links?
A: I can't be bothered making icons so if you wanna follow me... well... good luck. HAHA!

If you guys have any questions or whatnot, you can ask me anonymously (if you like) on the comments section. If you just wanna have a chat or anything at all, email me! :)

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  1. how did you gain more than 100 followers in a week?

  2. Hey there :) Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, I appreciate it. As per usual, I check out the people, who stop by, if they leave their web addresses and was so, so impressed with your blog - I can't get enough! So I had to follow :)

    I enjoyed reading the answers as well - always nice to get to know people behind blogs better.


  3. Love your blog. Thank you for following.

    Following you back ;)

  4. I'm still so curious about question number one! Tell us more! No, I get it. Once i started blogging about my boyfriend (now husband) my posts did turn into a slight mush-fest. It's sort of like reading other people's love letters. A bit ew.

  5. Great blog! Just wanna ask if you made your own blog template here. I like it so much especially its simplicity!