So long, August!

August is definitely the highlight of my year (so far) I've accomplished a lot of things, and boy, I feel so proud of myself! I'll just scribble it all out on a list, yes?

  • Getting a Swiss Miss packet from Martin is definitely August's topnotcher. You see, I haven't had it for more than a year! Can you imagine that? I'm not sure if there are American stores here in NZ that sell Swiss Miss (and if they do, it's surely super expensive) Martin was kind enough to bring me one for lunch :) He told me the night before to bring a mug, and little did I know that  he was gonna "surprise" me with that one. Oh, and it came with a free cake too :) Happy happy day.
  • All the days and nights that I spent at uni were definitely unforgettable. We always have late dinner in town, and have some hot chocolate afterwards. There was also a time when we totally pigged out because we were so stressed! Seriously, if you need a stress reliever, try going somewhere where there are heaps of selection and buy every food that seems so delicious. It will make you feel a whole lot better (and hyper too)
  • That day when we just hopped inside a bus, not knowing where it's headed to, is also one of my favourite day. Now, don't look at me like that, I'm not crazy. Martin was quite down that day so I decided to cheer him up a bit.. and give him some life. It totally worked. He was laughing at me all throughout our 2 hour bus "journey". We ended up having dinner at some random mall god knows where. Until today, he still brings it up. I don't think he'll ever forget that.
  • Getting my Canon 60D! Everyday, I'm practicing how to take photos in manual. I'm quite slow in learning these kind of stuff, so give me time and I will improve (pinky swear!)
  • Opening up this blog is also one of the highlights! I'm totally having fun meeting new people and receiving good, thoughtful comments :) I will start advertising on big blogs next month to get more readers :) For now, I'll just keep blogging.


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  1. August has been a blur of nothing ness really. Just loads of relaxing and down time. And One Tree Hill re-runs. I saw you liked One Tree Hill in your "about me," and I just thought you should know I am possiblly the biggest fan of that show ever.

  2. I always watch OTH re-runs when I'm feeling a bit down. So glad I finally came across someone who loves it as much as I do! <3

  3. the picture that you took are awesome, great job!
    Oh yes, i envy you because you accomplished lot of stuffs. I hope you do well on your new 60d ^^

    Nice blog by the way!
    Following you now, hope you follow me too now!

  4. Thank you very much! I'm following you now :)

  5. My August highlight was the Melbourne Writers Festival.

    I am so looking forward to September: Weddings, my sister's birthday and of course today, father's day.

  6. Was that churros? Looks so good! :)

    I followed you by the way. :)

  7. Great photos and a great month to you! Looking back to August makes me wanna write a blog about it too. I guess it's not yet too late to update eh? :) Have an awesome September!