TGIF || Great goodies I received this week!

Hey guys! My blog turned 1 month old yesterday :)It's been a great experience so far! Today, I have some photos to show you and stories to tell you. Overall, it's been a good week.

I won a giveaway from e-elise etc !!! It's a really nice handmade bookmark :) Love the colour too! The design of the card is really pretty as well! <3
I opened her card and bookmark as soon as I got home from a very stressful day. This definitely made my night :)
I ordered this really cute Nyan Cat necklace from With Love, From Monique. I'll invite her to make a guest post someday :) You should check out her shop! She really makes awesome jewelleries and other stuff :)

We found this big lips plastered on the wall so we used it as props. We were supposed to be studying for our Finance exam but YEAH.

Share a Coke with Martin and Gia! As you may already know, Coke has this really effective marketing tactic of placing names on Coke bottles and cans. They went to our uni yesterday so that students can have a personalized bottle (especially for people like myself who have "rare" names) Massey students went crazy over it, almost everyone bought at least one bottle. Good on ya, Coke. I don't even know if I will drink it but nigga I paid like $4.20 for that


Once again, I'm looking for more guest posters! Please send me an email if you're interested :) I would really love to have you on my blog! Have a good weekend guys :)

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  1. So glad the bookmark arrived safely and that you like it! :) x

  2. I just found your blog and I am loving it! I am your newest follower... I also really like your header!
    Almost Endearing