The Best Invention No-One’s Invented Yet.

So I laid on my bed all day since I was feeling kinda sick (actually, my mum's dragging me to the hospital tomorrow. Noooooo!) Anyway, my imagination started to wander around and thought of awesome things that SHOULD have been invented by now. Here's a list of stuff that I would splurge on within a heartbeat if they're being sold in the market right now: (Warning: may contain very unrealistic ideas)

  • Phone application which translates foreign languages to English - Okay, first of all, I'm not entirely sure if this application already exists or not. I'm referring to something like Shazam (an application which allows you to detect the song's title and artist after recording for 20 seconds) In this case, I just want a damn application which allows you to record someone whilst speaking and translate it to freaking English. That will make our lives a whole lot easier.
  • Movie future teller - I really hate it when I need to decide whether to watch a certain movie or not, especially when it's a horror film I absolutely despise sitting through a whole movie and kicking myself for wasting my time (and sometimes money) for that piece of crap. Someone make me a goddamn device which will analyze my brain and see if a particular movie fits my taste or not. Reviews and trailers are very deceiving so I don't find them helpful AT ALL. Whoever said that the Final Destination movies are a "must see" for die hard horror movie fans can go suck a bag of dicks because those are a huge embarrassment for the horror genre. 
  • Calculator with a question scanner - It's pathetic that students like myself need to take exams, find solutions, and encrypt it on a calculator. Why can't someone just invent a calculator which can scan the problems and solve it? This product can benefit everyone in this planet and we can all live happily because the subject Math is finally extinct. Oh if only.
  • Device which could design my nails and stuff - Wanna know a secret? I can't trim my fingernails properly. Someone always does it for me and it's a big pain in the ass. Also, I have no patience in applying nail polish so my mum always does it for me. I don't really dig the artificial ones which you could stick on your nails so yeah, someone make this device and we're good. 
  • Global wifi - I strongly believe that the internet is very essential to every human. I want an internet connection even if I'm stranded somewhere or snorkeling under the Pacific Ocean. I want to be able to use the internet when I'm busy talking to orangutans and lions in the forest so I can upload our webcam photos right after taking them. Please do something about this!
  • Artificial wings - It is so NOT COOL that these exist only in movies. I want to feel like an angel/superhuman too. Seriously, how come this concept only exists in sci-fi/fairy tale movies? Someone make this happen and the Earth will be a better place! (airlines will be out of business too hehe)
  • A high-tech underground tunnel which serves as a mail box - I hate waiting for parcels to arrive! Do you know how agonizing it is to wait for at least a week before receiving the items I ordered from Ebay/Etsy? I guess this invention can save us heaps from shipping too. Maybe you'll just need to pay a monthly fee for maintenance and whatnot. All you gotta do is shoot the parcel into whatever shit hole that is and has a disposable tracking GPS which goes to your house directly. How it won't bump into other parcels along the way is the problem that the nerdy people need to work on.

What about you? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Totally agree about the global wifi. I get so mad when I can't find internet access when I want to. So yes, someone please invent this!!!

    Thank you for coming by my blog and saying hi. I know my post wasn't the happiest today but I hope you enjoyed reading and visiting.

    I love your blog! Your design is so cute and I love your writing style. New follower!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more!


  2. This post is fun, interesting and at the same time makes me also wonder how if those things really exist. Maybe in the future. No one can tell. But I also want to have a Movie Future Teller. I get so pissed whenever I have to watch movies that someone recommended but are crappy and not worth the money! Global wifi and artificial wings FTW! :)

  3. Global wifi would be awesome, and the way the world is moving, you just never know, it could happen! Everything is all about the internet!