Things that make me happy!

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far. This week has been absolutely wonderful for me! In case you don't know, food makes me happy and excited - not even exaggerating here. On Wednesday night, Martin and I made a deal that we'll have roast for dinner the following day. I cannot stop daydreaming about it in the next 24 hours. Even when we were at uni on Thursday morning, all we could think about is that very delicious roast in our favourite roast place. After a very long day at uni, we finally satisfied our cravings. God, I swear I can never have enough roast in my life. Am I making you hungry yet? Good. 

Last night, Martin craved for some Japanese food so we went to this really nice place in town. Jeezus. They have the best food EVER! All throughout our dinner, Martin was like "Thanks to ME we found another great place to eat. Say thank you Martin!" and I just laughed, knowing that he's right. This dude right here knows where the good food at. We were so tempted to order a big serving of chocolate sundae but it was already late and we were in a rush so I guess that would have to wait until the next time we eat there (aka next week hehehehe)

Wow, my intro is quite long. Today's post is actually about a list of things that make me happy! There are some stuff which are bugging me at the moment so I hope this one will help :) Not really a big fan of sulking and wasting my time worrying about negative issues so let me bring the good vibes on!

Blogging - I signed up on Blogger less than a month ago and I guess it's one of the best decisions I've ever made :) It feels great to know that there are people who appreciate the things I talk about. I'm also grateful to have readers who take the time to comment on my posts :) I love meeting new people and this blog gives me the chance to do it!

Warm cup of Swiss Miss - Ok seriously, I know I already told you guys a million times about this but this deserves another recognition on this blog post, especially because it's about the things that make me happy. I'm a real sucker for chocolates - anything that has chocolate in it is basically my favourite. And it's also a given that Swiss Miss are nowhere to be found in NZ supermarkets. It really  makes me happy when Martin brings me one packet of Swiss Miss everyday. It's like a motivation to actually go to uni. I always look forward to this! Ya'll know what I'm talking about, yes?

Discovering new music - Don't you just love it when you hear a very nice song in the most random place and time? Pretty sure this already happened to everyone, whether you were inside a music store or trying a new bra in a lingerie shop. You're just walking around and doing your own thing when a certain song plays over the speakers and you just fall in love with it instantly. The best part is when you actually figure out the title of the song! You download it as soon as you get home and listen to it for days. Not to mention that the album is also available on vinyl records! Such a very great feeling <3

Discovering a very nice place to eat - As a person who extremely loves food and pigging out, this is really important to me. Don't you just love it when you see a restaurant and you go "That place looks nice, let's try it out!" and you actually end up loving everything about it: food, people, atmosphere, setting, etc. It gives me a very a good feeling at the end of the day.

Spontaneity - Every single day has its own surprise, and for me, that's one of the best things in life. I love surprises, I love random cute messages, I love meeting new people, I love spotting a shop with great bargain, I love finding out a new, easier, and faster route to a particular place, I love picking out the most random book and falling in love with after reading the first few pages. 

These simple, little things make me happy. What's yours?

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  1. i really love your blog post. it has content. and you know? i also love spontaneity of every moment in mylife.surprises, new things, discoveries, great bargains, and everything you;ve mentioned are just so amazing.

    just me,

  2. That box of Swiss Miss looks so cute!! HAHA YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS ARE PRETTY <3

  3. Every time I visit your site, I feel so inspired to also blog. Thanks for posting well written posts and inspirations. Swiss Miss also makes me happy. Also, a cup of coffee. Going to places I haven't been to with my special someone always makes me happy. Lastly, books make me happy! Like, all the time! If I ever get accidentally locked up by mistake, I wanna be locked up in a huge bookstore! :)

  4. I love your blog, the photos give me a feeling of nostalgia oddly enough. Definitely following! Hope you stop by sometime :)


  5. I agree with "blogging", "discovering new music" and "Discovering a very nice place to eat" !

    Love your blog.


  6. Your post made me sing "these are a few of my favorite things" :)and I love the #3 photo, so classic :)*hugs*

  7. I love how your move has gotten you the blogging attention you deserve! Ive wanted to move so bad but now I feel like it's too late :)) There should be like a cross-blogging thing where my Blogspot and Tumblr will update at the same time by just doing one blog entry. HAHA Anyway, keep it up Gia! <3

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower now :)
    Your blog is so pretty!
    And you've made me want some swiss miss. I've never seen marshmallows that bright before!
    xx PC

  9. Hi Gia!

    Anime, fast internet, games, kpop, jpop, cats, and reading your blog post makes me happy :)

  10. You need to concentrate on those things that make you happy because if you concentrate on things that make you depressed, you will just become more depressed. I love blogging too :)

  11. beautiful post dear blogging is my favorite thing to do too.. followed you back on gfc =)

  12. absolutely love your photos.

    follwing you! hope you stop by and follow my blog as well :)