If I could change the movie endings...

Alright, so if you're following me on Twitter, you would have probably seen my tweet saying that "I will rest today (now considered 'yesterday) and just unwind." Well, that actually happened; I didn't do anything work-related yesterday. I just pigged out (oops) and searched for more blogs ;) It's actually depressing to find my Blogger dashboard so dead at this time, figured that I should follow more blogs from the other side of the world! (ehem English bloggers) 

Okay, enough about that. Today, I'll just be rambling about how I would change a particular movie's ending ;) I find myself picturing a different scenario every time I finish watching a movie - and that totally irritates me! I hope that someday, I can learn how to accept how the movie really ended. *sigh.
*Note: I did my best to pick out movies that are popular so you won't scream "SPOILER!!!" in front of your laptop (or whatever device you're using to read this) BUT if you haven't seen it yet, then I would recommend skipping that number. If it's too late, sorry! Get it on DVD or something ;) (I would say torrent it but shush)

1.) A Walk to Remember - Now ladies, I know your hearts still ache for this one. First of all, I've always loved Mandy Moore ever since her music video 'Candy' came out. I then became a big fan and religiously watched all her movies and bought her albums. Of course, when this movie came out, I was ecstatic. I watched the movie before reading the book (oopsie) I hoped that the book would give a slightly different ending but... ok I'll shut up now. 

If I were given the chance to change the ending I would: Duh, of course I won't let her die. So after getting married, Jamie's still battling with cancer and Landon's just there to support her blah blah blah. I know that in the story, Jamie's miracle was her husband but wouldn't it be better if she witnessed a greater miracle within herself? She was really kind and loving, she even saved Landon. Landon also deserved to have a miracle, he changed for the better and turned his back on so many things just so he can be a much greater person.  The type of ending that I would like for this movie is for her to survive, have kids, and share her inspiring story through songs. 

2.) Star Wars (Return of the Jedi) - If you haven't read my 'about me' page, then you wouldn't know that I'm a die hard fan of Star Wars. I've watched all 6 movies hundreds of times and every time I watch this episode, my heart just breaks even more. 

If I were given the chance to change the ending I would: Obviously won't let Darth Vader die. In all fairness, he was the chosen one and one of the galaxy's most powerful Jedi ever. I'm aware that he was only half human and half machine at that state but George Lucas didn't have to be so mean and let him die (sad face) Luke saw a conflict within Vader and at the end, he admitted that Luke was right. Vader could have proven himself once again to everyone, especially his children. The type of ending I would like for this movie is for Luke to carry him out, Vadey still hanging in there, and Han Solo recommends this particular creature or medicine from Corellia which can save Darth Vader. He then slowly regains his health, gives Leia and Han Solo his blessing, then lived happily ever after.

3.) Titanic - You definitely saw this coming, didn't you? Why of course this is on the list, I think every girl will include this, won't ya ;) I pull off my hair every time I have to sit through the ending. The movie's really good, I will never get tired of watching it. But the ending just makes me cry (well, not anymore. I think my heart's turned into stone, thanks to these type of movies that forced me to try feeling emotionless!!!) 

If I were given the chance to change the ending I would: let Jack live. He's like the I'M A SURVIVOR type of guy, he will never go hungry because of his ultimate skills. He's Jack, the person who can achieve and get anything as long as he's determined to do so. I believed he could have come up with several ideas on how he can survive. I've seen endless debates on how Rose could have shared some space with Jack, but I'm sorry folks, if you attended Physics class you know it's just not possible. The type of ending I would like for this movie is for Jack to survive and get his happy ending with Rose. She learnt how to finally speak out and stand up for herself because of Jack, and I think she deserved to have that man for the rest of her life. So anyway, Jack could have prolly disguised himself as a lady so he can jump on the freaking boat. I know that this is very unethical but if you were in a situation like that, you'll do whatever it takes to survive. Orrrr maybe the rescue ship could have arrived earlier. I don't know. Just let him live and I'm fine. No need to break my heart every time I see Rose letting go of Jack's hand :( [ also Rose you stupid fuck why did you let go of that necklace. I could have used it for a giveaway or something]

That's all for now guys! I think I'll do this on a weekly basis ;) Stay tuned for next week's movies! I better go to uni now, have a happy Thursday!

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  1. Here's the thing... I adore a happy ending. BUT. If the endings got changed maybe we wouldn't love those movies so much.

    Have you seen or read My Sister's Keeper? The book ending was so much more tragic than the movie ending. And despite how tragic it is, that book is one of my FAVORITES. Because sometimes you need something to help you appreciate life and to make you cry.

    But I guess sometimes you need a happy ending too!

    1. I've read and watched My Sister's Keeper, really amazing :)

      I agree with what you said :) people remember novels/films that made them appreciate life and cry. That's what makes them special. Although those actors (especially Mandy Moore) have a special place in my heart that's why I can't bear to see them 'die' :(

  2. I love it. You have great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other?

  3. So interesting to read. I love A Walk To Remember and Titanic movies. They're my favorites.

  4. Ah, for A Walk to Remember, the movie would become a little so-so if Jamie didnt die. ;)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  5. I'm with you! Let all of these lovers live together! It's a movie - they should totally end up together in the end of the movie and we can pretend that they are still happily ever after even after the credits are rolling!

  6. How true!! Everytime I watch this kind of movie, I always ended up feeling so incomplete. Haven't watch #2, needs to see, though it will be bitter.

    In the future, you become a movie director and change love story with sad ending to happily-after type :P

  7. Roger that! I LOVE A walk to remember.

  8. ive seen all these movies. i am also a star wars fan. i want queen amedala lived and darth vader be anakin again.

  9. OMG, this post just made my life. Seriously, every time I watch these movies I'm always praying that the ending will somehow change before my eyes. Why does everyone always have to die. Keep them alive so I can live vicariously through these fictional characters ;)
    xo TJ

  10. thanks for sharing those movie endings, i agree with you about a walk to remember, i also liked how the book vs movie on dear john was different, in the book they had it so that john saw her one more time then left and her husband survives while in the movie the hubby is gone and they are reunited.