Mini Home Tour - Garage Sale Edition

I bought all of these for just $7! The lady wanted to sell them as a set (I was only after the big and small ship) so I had no choice but to take them all home. The 2 men captured my heart after a while so they're still sitting there; otherwise, I would have included them in the inorganic collection ;)

Again, I bought it as a set for $15. Whenever we have visitors, they always ask how "expensive" they are, I just simply say "oh, not that much ;) "

I finally believed in 'love at first sight' when I saw this. A mini fountain with lights for only.. ummm.. I think it was $5? It still works, it's just not plugged. Love love love this.

Oops! Now you all know that I'm too lazy to wipe the dust... can I make up an excuse and say that it adds a vintage effect to it? Yes? Good! I've always wanted a doll house but I don't have the time to look for someone who can do it. There are heaps on ebay but shipping is too expensive! (at least $300) I'm not looking for the plastic ones, I visualise it as something modern and classy! (pastel colours, duh) 

This one's my favourite because it looks really elegant... Can you guess how much I paid for it? 

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  1. Love the crystal - looks quite expensive :-)

  2. Such great items at sweet prices!

  3. I love garage saling!! (Not a real word but hey, it works!) That stuff is all so fun... and you can't beat those prices!

    Now you've made me want to find some haha

  4. Beautiful haul!! I love the items :) I followed u!!

    The Misty Mom

  5. Love the glass bottles!!!! Found your blog via the blog hop, following!

  6. Hello there!

    Stopping by from the "Followers to Friends" blog party - new follower!

    Anni //

  7. I absolutely love garage sales as well as second hand shops!! Thanks for sharing your finds! I love the elegant looking vase and flowers and for $1?? You can't beat that!

  8. The vintage car is something my father in law would love for Christmas. Its things like these that make me wish things like that were more accessible to me :(
    you got some great finds.
    I am following from the hop and would love for you to follow back.

  9. OMG - we must have been twins separated at birth! I went garage saling last weekend and posted about it on my blog Tuesday. I love love love garage sales! New Follower!

  10. All of your posts are so interesting and cool! I love your layout as well!
    I am your newest follower +Bloglovin, follow back??