My week so far.

I've had these games for a while now but I uninstalled it after a few months because my old laptop was acting really slow. I never enjoyed playing it in my old one because it gets sooooo frustrating when the game just lags over and over again! Now that I got myself a new laptop, I can finally reunite with my old loves. As much as I love 'The Sims', I wish players could do a whole lot more than clicking and hearing them say alien language. Why on earth can't I teach my Sims some good sexual innuendos to make their romantic lives so much better and fun?! When The Sims 4 comes out, I expect them to have finally learnt English, okay?

Remember when I told you guys that my good ol' Vaio was already acting up the past few weeks? Well on the weekend, I decided to finally buy a new one because.. well.. I can't stand it anymore. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. I actually went to the mall to buy some frozen yoghurt because I was badly craving for it. I ended up getting a Macbook instead. Now don't blame me, the guy slashed $120 off the retail price because I told him that (insert name of store here) sells it for a much cheaper value. Anyway, that cute blue keyboard cover is Martin's; he lent it to me because he's so happy that I finally got a Macbook (he's the one who influenced me haha) 

Bananas in Pyjamas! I remembered this show because of an inside joke, I'm B1 and Martin's B2. Martin just randomly asked me what we should call each other and I said that I'm B1 and he's B2. 

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1?" 
"I think I am, B2.." 
"It's eating time!!!"

Needless to say, we always think about the same stuff so that's how I came up with that nickname. We watched one episode at uni and I got hooked ever since. A while ago, I watched the full episode of The Banana's Birthday. Click here if you wanna experience some nostalgia! 

My mum got really nervous when she saw this in the mail. It's addressed to me and she thought I was in some sort of trouble with Google (like copyright issues and shit) I could not stop laughing and assured her that it's not about that - at all. Oh mummy.

How are you guys doing? Link me your latest blog post so I can have a look!

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  1. cute blog! let's follow each other! Xo

  2. I loved the entire feel of your blog. :) Congrats for the new macbook;) Just came across your blog... Thanks for sharing dear. Take care !

  3. Hey Gia! congrats on your new mac book. it looks really sleek! and what's the letter from google for?

  4. HI GIA BABES <3 what does le google letter say. I'm such a curious mofo. ahahahah <3

  5. A new computer! A Macbook! Yay! Don't you like the feeling of a 'blank canvas' to start with? Even if it's digital? Loved your post!

  6. love your blog Very interesting thread; From Shocking images

  7. Just found your blog and love it! Aren't Macs amazing? Such a difference. My husband convinced me that they were better (before he was my husband) and I will never go back!

  8. Just glancing through and I can tell I am gonna love your blog!

    Stopping by for a bit,
    will have to come back tomorrow to read more!

    Thanks for following me and joining the hop :D

    I am Pisces

  9. I got mail from google before :D I think it was from AdSense.

    Oh hey I just saw my button, I will have to ad yours, thanks so much for adding mine! :D

  10. Hey hun,
    I found your blog through the Return the Favor blog hop.
    I am such a fan of finding great new blogs and reading about peoples interesting little lives, so glad that I found your blog to follow now!
    Looking forward to reading all about your blog adventures.
    Oh and I was reading your about me and totally think you are fabulous! I collect vinyl too, The beatles are my favorite ahhh I think I am going to go home and put a record on now :) <3

  11. Cool blog, love your illustration style :) How are you finding your MacBook, it's sooooo pretty. I do love Apple design but it's updated too often hence I'm sticking to my pc for a little bit longer :(

  12. New laptop? And instead of a frozen yogurt! ;-) Well, that means you have got to change your cute header! ;-)

  13. I just found your blog (through a blog hop) and I want to say I am loving your blog. I also love bananas in pajamas.


  14. this is the cutest blog ever! I wish im as creative as you! new follower here <3

  15. New follower via the GFC Blog hop :) Love your graphic design skills on this blog! Did you create your header and all the artwork on here? Love it all...

  16. Just leaving a comment bc i think your blog is super cute!
    Makeup by Rachel

  17. I'm jealous over your Mac Book..(No really, my face is probably turning a nice shade of green.
    I absolutely love The Sims. I have a love/hate relationship with the game though, I get so addicted that I keep uninstalling and re-installing it. I actually love their weird ass language..
    BANANAS IN PAJAMAS! Wow, that just took me back. Serious nostalgia.
    After perusing your blog for a good chunk of time, I've decided you're awesome and I have to follow you! :)

  18. Congrats on the new Mac Book! Did you create all of the illustrations on your blog?!? WOW!

  19. Wow! New Mac Book! :) Love B1 and B2 when I was a kid and even now. Hope it would be shown again on tv for the kids.

  20. Sounds like this was an awesome day for you! New computer...I love Sims! And the best part, too funny about your Mom!