Ways I Motivate Myself When I'm Feeling Down

Happy friday, guys! I'm actually at uni right now but I really felt the urge to start making a post! This week has been a bit rough, so glad that it's about to end. I hope next week would be much better because I'll surely go insane if it continues to be like this :( I slipped and hit my head on Monday and I've been very cranky ever since. I've sort of pushed away a lot of people, my boyfriend included.

Anyway! Today, I'm just gonna be babbling about the things I do to motivate myself (which applies to me perfectly at the moment since I'm feeling really down and uninspired)  

I make a playlist -Truth be told, I'm a very sentimental person. I even have this playlist on my iPod entitled "Mood". Every time I feel helpless and whatnot, I just listen to that playlist and those songs help me relax. They remind me of happy times and it gives me a warm feeling inside, knowing that things will eventually be okay. If you want my best pick, listen to this song, you'll be just fine :)

Read a book - I have so many books in my room that I've never read because I'm too busy. Whenever I feel soooooo unmotivated, I just pick a random book (well, not really.. I pick the one with an inspiring gist) and read for the rest of the day. I tend to become emotional over books, especially when I can imagine myself inside the character's shoes. Have you guys read 'The Giver'? or 'PS: I Love You'? I've read those books heaps of times and I just get all the feels in the world (sorry, Tumblr language here) Whenever I read something that moves me, I suddenly get all the energy to start doing stuff all at the same time, it's insane.

Buy new records - I have this favourite record store in town called 'Real Groovy'. I always make sure that I drop by whenever I'm having a bad day. I spend like an hour just looking through records, hoping that I'll find something which will scream "BUY ME! BUY ME! I'M A GREAT ALBUM, SO BUY ME!" to me. I always tend to buy albums which I've never heard before but end up loving them anyway. Such a nice feeling.

Play my vinyl records - always struggle to decide which record I'll play first; I have over 500 records to choose from so it's never for me. But to give you a fair idea, "Everything in Transit" by Jack's Mannequin is my top favourite album whenever I'm feeling all emotional and stuff. 

Pig out - Seriously, I feel really good whenever I eat whatever the hell I want. I'm not conscious about what I eat at all (oops, totally unhealthy I know) It just so happens that during the weekdays, I always pass by the town so it's really convenient for me to just splurge money on food ;) Chocolate milk tea  and sweets will never cease to make my day <3

Find some new blogs to read - It seriously makes me happy when I stumble upon blogs which have really inspiring content. Whenever I read their stories, it just makes me feel so motivated to move my ass and start being productive.

Make plans with friends - Catching up with my friends is also my therapy. The only friend that I always hang out with is Martin, I really don't have the time to mingle with others. The main reason for this is uni - we're in the north and they're in central. I only see them during study breaks and parties. No matter how rocky my situation is, I'm always happy to see them :)

Watch my favourite TV series - In my case, it's One Tree Hill and some other Asian romantic-comedy ones :) Yes, I'm an OTH die hard fan, don't hate! Those series just remind me about heaps of stuff so I somehow end up feeling a whole lot better.

What about you, guys? What do you do when you're feeling down?

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  1. Hi(: I found you via the blog hop. Great blog by the way, follow back if you'd like~

    Lipstick & Lace

  2. You live in the future! I'm still on Thursday, how's Friday lookin'? Haha.
    Those headphones give you a million more cool points (so does the OTH).
    I'm pretty much the same as you, I listen to music, watch my favorite shows, some times I write. Other times, I sit online and shop..which makes me happy and my wallet sad.

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it so much! Following you now :)

    This post is totally me. Haha. I mean, i do most of these things too whenever i feel down and not really myself. :)

  4. I completely agree with your assessment of Jack's Mannequin. Especially that album.

  5. Most of the things you like to do actually! It's funny how something simple seems capable of fixing something complex when it comes to life :) I loved this post. Thank you for it.

    The Indie Byline

  6. Love this! I think the thing I do most when I'm feeling down is pig out and indulge on sweets.

  7. I also love OTH!!! and proud of!
    Music has such a huge impact on our mood! Great!! If I am down I listen to teary music but after a while like two or three songs I switch to rock and after one or 2 headbangers I am in dance mood and that really makes me happy! :-)

  8. Hello. What a nice blog you have here..:)
    do you mind to follow each other?
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  9. Are those your headphones? Because they are sooo cool!

    <3 Melissa

  10. love this post. :)

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  11. all great ideas :) we have similar taste! vinyl records are gorgeous... i want some now, haha.

    also, all the photos are truly lovely <3


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  14. Great blog! And great post. I found you on BBN, and it's the title that caught my attention. It says a lot about a person "lovely serendipity" :) I'm at http://sharelovealways.blogspot.ca/

  15. This is awesome. I saw you on BBN so I am coming to support. I have similar things I do, listening to music is definitely a helper, writing it out, shopping is a given, and so is eating lol. Awesome post.

  16. I'm visiting from BBN too!! Thanks for sharing. Not having the greatest week, really, and I love your methods. Most of them I already love, but for some reason have forgotten them! Thanks :)

  17. Just thought I stop by this post because I LOVE JACK's MANNEQUIN!!!!
    thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one that owns their music!
    I read your post about self-esteem .. .I don't know how I can help but I hope soon you find inner beauty in yourself, if you don't see how Beautiful you are, and enjoy yourself and what our creator blessed us with. Life. Hope. Beauty!
    After I had My daughter I was scared to be someone other that a "mom" and how my body changed it took 9 months for me to realize, I'm wasting so much time feeling low. I could be out, feeling pretty and just live.
    HAve a beautiful Day!!
    I caught your new post from Better Blogger Network

  18. I really love your posts, I was just browsing through grabbing your button and I just love your photos and how you really get your posts together! Great job (:

    I STILL love Jacks Mannequin ;)

  19. This is such a great list, it's compiled of exactly everything I would do to perk up too! New playlist + new blog and add a cup of coffee, I'm happy! Inspiring list <3

  20. You are absolutely right! I do everything listed here whenever I'm down or bored and it surely helps! And "Find some new blogs to read"? Your blog is such a homey, honest, warm, and inspiring one and I'm glad I found it. Whenever I read your posts, I feel like I personally know you and I just want to hug and talk to you. Keep up the good work, love! :)

  21. The picture of your mac and food is awesome. It's making me drool :p

  22. I couldn't agree with you more!
    Whenever I'm down, like you I do things that might inspire me and lift up my spirit. I find watching favorite TV Series as the best on the list above. My favorite Tv series is How I Met Your Mother and Merlin. It's kind of weird but I absorb positive vibes and energy from those TV shows.
    One thing that I also find effective for me to be able to get back on the horse is Exercise. It doesn't only make you feel good physically but according to this article is that exercise also helps you improve your focus and concentration.

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