What I would like YOU to blog about

Hi guys! Today, I made a list of stuff that I would like YOU to blog about! We all have those days when we just don't seem to have anything to post. If ever you're running out of creative juice, this post is for you! 
  1. Something you're passionate with - I like it when I get to know fellow bloggers through this kind of post. Everyone is surely passionate about something, please share your story about it!
  2. Unpopular Opinion - Be careful though! It's completely alright to voice out your opinion which majority of people won't agree with but make sure that you're not bashing anyone or shoving your opinions down on people's throats. 
  3. Most Unforgettable High School Experience - First boyfriend? First heartbreak? Romantic Prom? Won an award? Whatever it is, share it!
  4. Movies that somehow changed your life - I already made a post about this. I would be so keen to know about your movie picks which changed your point of view in life!
  5. A letter to your future child - To all the single ladies/soon to be mums out there! This is a great chance to let your readers know more about yourself. I believe that this kind of post reflects a person's personality. You can show this to your child as well a few years from now!
  6. If you have the chance to do any thing you like for a day, what would you do and why? - Ahh, we all have those moments when we daydream about pretty much everything, especially fantasy ones. Let your readers see how creative you are and talk about all the things you'll do if you have the power to do so!
  7. Story about the first few months of blogging here on Blogger - Tell us why and how you started blogging. Did you do a massive planning or just blogged right away? Did you pay for ads? Who inspired you to blog? Inspire newbies through this kind of post!
  8. Serendipity - Ever thought that you're walking down the wrong direction, only to realise that it was for the better? Ever felt bad for waking up late and missing the bus, only to find out that the same bus crashed into the bridge? Everything happens for a reason! Share your "serendipity-kind-of-story"!
  9. 5 letters to anonymous people - It's a great way to pour your emotions out in a healthy way. Give it a try.
  10. If you could invent anything, what would it be? State at least 5 - I already made a post about this as well! Stretch out your minds and come up with something totally cool and unique! 
  11. Playlist - Share your music taste and give your readers an online mix tape! You can upload it at 4Shared and just share the link to us ;) Here's a link to my post.
  12. Video blog - Let your readers be your watchers too! I love hearing the voices of bloggers who inspire me :) It builds a stronger connection between readers and bloggers, trust me!
  13. High school is about to end - What were your options? How many colleges did you apply to? Did you start working right away and skipped college? What made you choose those decisions? Share!
  14. A very funny story - We all have those moments when our jaws hurt from laughing, why not share it on your blog? There could be a person out there who just needs a good laugh because she had a bad day... Well, make her day!
  15. An unfortunate dilemma with a customer - Ever encountered a very bad customer/client? Share your story! I love reading Clients from Hell but they barely update it anymore :( Would be really fun to know about my fellow bloggers' experiences!
  16. Tips on how to start a small business - Many newbies (myself included) are inspired by so many successful bloggers who own businesses. It would be really great if you share your stories behind your success! How did you come up with that? What are the do's and don't s? Stories and tips please!
  17. What we can learn from fairy tales - Quick! Brainstorm about your all time favourite fairy tales (ehem Disney classics) and make a post about your own perspectives about the moral story behind it. Never seen a post about this before!
  18. A Day in Another's Shoe - What would it be like if you live someone else's life for a day? (Extremely poor/wealthy, celebrity, royalty, etc) Give a specific example like Britney Spears or Katy Perry.
  19. Ask someone to do make a post about you - Well here's the catch, you CANNOT read the post before posting it. That person must be one the one who posts it! Of course, you'll hand it over to someone you completely trust and someone who knows you really well. Make your readers and yourself smile as you read it! :)
  20. Formspring - Make a formspring account, tick the anonymous option, and let your readers ask you questions and answer it on your blog (or video blog) Some people are too shy to ask via email.. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a very unusual question that no one ever asked you before. This could be fun, but it could do some harm as well. You can never tell when the so-called anonymous haters will strike you. Don't ever let their negative remarks bother you, just click delete and move on to the next one! 

I hope this list helped you in some ways! If you've ever posted something that's on the list, please give me the link! I would LOVE to read what you came up with :) Happy blogging, guys!

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  1. This is perfect! I've been lacking blog topic inspiration lately. I will definitely use this in the future <3

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower and I found you through the blog hop! I love this list, and I think I'm going to pick one to do a post on tonight! You can come check it out and follow back if you like!

    What's in a Name?

  3. I will definitely use this for inspiration on new posts!

    please come and visit me at my blog?



  4. yes, this is perfect for my other blog. got two blogs - for travel and places i visited (so unlimited things for this one), and the other for all things i want to make my friend be aware of (this is the one I am having problem with).

    i sometime ran out of topics to post. good thing you post this one. it keeps me on tract now. thanx gia ;-)

    just me,

  5. Wow Gia! This is really helpful! Might create blog entry/ies about the topic/s above anytime sooner. Thanks a lot for this!

  6. This is really helpful. LOVE this post.


  7. great list for those days when you need some inspiration.

  8. Thank you for this! I've been on a bit of a blogging stump recently.

  9. Did you read my thoughts (or lack there of)? This is absolutely brilliant.
    Thank you for that !!!
    I am loving it already and I can really use some inspiration lately!!

  10. I'll definitely have to keep this list in the back of my head. I've been feeling uninspired as of late.
    xo TJ

  11. Thanks for the inspiration! I love this blog! I'm literally gonna hit follow as soon as I finish with this comment. I hope that you check out my blog and do the same :) Thanks again :)

    The Indie Byline

  12. great list for when I'm lacking the necessary inspiration!

  13. Woo NZ bloggers the best! Fab list I'll be starring this for later :)
    Sylvia x

  14. thank you for the great ideas! saved this post for when i need inspiration :3

    found you through the i love my post linky!

  15. Loved this blog post. I think that everyone gets in these slumps as I like to call them. I think that you listed some very good details here. It's very nice to see what other people like to do when they are feeling "blehh.." Anyway...thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi!! I actually did it and took your list on as my new writing challenge! I basically write about one topic a week starting today!!!
    Thank you sooooo much for this!! I needed that to get out of my shell!

    If you want to read my first free-writing writing challenge come on over:


  17. These are great ideas and I cannot wait to get started on them. I am looking forward to participating and reading other blogs.

  18. Hi, I'm new to blogger and find your blog such an inspiration, these blog post ideas are fantastic and when I have one if those days I will be coming back to this list. x

  19. I will try to blog any of these :)

  20. Hello Gia! I'm a new blogger here and I'm definitely going to try one on your list! :D