First Person I Met in Real Life (girl from the internet!)

Let me tell you about my good friend, Luiza.

I met her online (she used to live in windy Wellington but the good bitch decided that Auckland's way better so she moved here) but we were not really close so we never met up.

Here's the thing, Luiza ALWAYS bombards my Facebook wall with witty comments and funny posts. We have this weird humour that only the two of us understand and appreciate. We even share the same taste in men (actually, only Han Solo) and wet our panties every time we watch Star Wars (oops, TMI)

So anyway, my friend Jacob noticed her and was like "can you introduce me to your friend? She looks so hot!" I told Jacob that I haven't actually met her yet but I gave him Luiza's number anyway. After 1 week, they decided to meet up.

I was at my friend's house, taking photos of myself (hey i felt really pretty that day ok) when suddenly, some loud bitch screamed "HURRY UP SLUT!"

I could not believe it. Luiza was outside my friend's house, throwing her shoes at the window and screaming like a woman who just got anal-ed by a huge horse. 

And the rest was history, we became really good friends.

I received this txt because I drunk txted her and wanted to make fun of me the next day... and she succeeded.

  • She took me once to an adult store. The salesman was urging us to try on those kinky outfits but we were there for the dildos. I was hoping he would get the hint. 
  • We also went to this tattoo shop. She was supposed to ask for the procedure, rates, etc. but NO, she flirted with the goddamn attractive tattooist. 
  • She brought a lot of strangers during my 18th, and those strangers ate all the chicken.
  • We bought knickers (same ones!!!) because there was a massive sale and at the end of the day, we swore that we will never date the same guys because WHAT IF THEY REALISE THAT WE HAVE THE SAME UNDERWEAR

This was our first meal together omg how special.

This was when she randomly went to my house and used my laptop. Do you know how many followers I gained that day.

She moved to the tundra about 10 months ago... but she made me a promise which I will never forget...

I am so looking forward to that.

Have you met up with someone from the internet? How did it go?

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  1. hahaha it seems like you guys've had the best times together! I wish I had more friends like that! I just moved to a new place so it's been interesting trying to make friends!

  2. I read the line "woman who just got anal-ed by a huge horse" two times, before I realized what I was reading! Haha, good times.

    1. oops! I probably should have said "nasty remarks ahead" hahaha.

  3. Sort of... I met my best also-a-novelist buddy briefly face-to-face at a writers conference in San Diego, but the close ten-year friendship that followed was of the Internet variety. I know what you mean about bombarding your Facebook page :)

  4. You girls are hilarious! HAHAHA! I have friends like that but they're guys so it's kind of different. I'm more of "my best friends are guys" type of girl since I moved here to the US. But I have a few friends who are open to talk about stuff like that. LOL Oh and my sister and I used to call each other bitch.


    1. She always teases me! "Gia, name at least 5 female friends that you have. Oh that's right, you can't!"

      my best friends are guys as well. I think what makes Luiza special is that we're both the type of girls who are closer to guys, that's why we get along so well :)

  5. One of my best friends I met on the internet originally :) Love your story.

    amen fashion, xo

  6. Hi Gia!

    You're lucky to have a friend like Luiza :) I can't help but notice those naughty stuffs you two are talking about haha! *Parental Consent is adviced*

    Anyways, i want to know what do you want for Christmas. You've been tagged!

    1. Thank you for tagging me! :) I'll check it out now.

  7. Woah great story , you're lucky that you got to meet up one of your friends that you met online :)

  8. the story's so hilarious gia. i never get a chance to meet someone online other than my ex boyfriend ;-)

    1. he's an ex. dont want to remember everything ;-)

  9. Oh my God , this girl is too funny. I wish I could meet you both.Looks like you both had greaaaaaaaat fun haha XD Ahun , I never met any person from internet -_-


  10. I've met one of my guy friends before. He lives one state away and decided to spontaneously visit me & take me to SeaWorld. Great guy. We had lots of fun and we're still good friends. :) Your friend sounds crazy fun, haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving your sweet comments. Hope to see ya around!

    xo, Adriana.

    1. Crazy how we meet lots of great people through the internet right! See you around :)

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