So, You Have a Secret? - A Recap.

Happy Monday, guys! First of all, I am really thankful for all the thoughtful comments and emails that I received regarding my previous post. It went better than expected but I'm still in the process of tackling a few issues and whatnot. Anyway, my post for today is somehow related to my previous one - keeping it raw and real.

I've been following Erin who blogs over at Living in Yellow for about a month and I was absolutely thrilled when she posted about "Secrets Anonymous" - loyal readers, daily stalkers, and whoever come across her blog are welcome to post their secrets without revealing their identities. I loved the idea right away because I have been browsing through Blogsecret for about 3 years and the thought of having an entire post dedicated to fellow bloggers' secrets is just really awesome. I wasn't expecting any specific type of secret, I just refreshed the page every now and then to see what they've been up to and lurk into people's thoughts. 

I'm not even gonna lie, I did not expect to see a handful confessions about shitting in their pants. It never happened to me before (at least after I started puberty) and I couldn't believe that it's still possible to happen to anyone, regardless of age!

Well okay, I'll stop babbling about shitting now. If you have a spare time... well no actually, if you want a good laugh and an eye opener, you should head over to Erin's post now and read the comments. Yes, an eye opener. In the blogosphere, most of us tend to share the great things about our lives - relationships, jobs, babies, and many other wonderful things. Personally, I follow several people whom I really admire and somehow wish that I'm living their lives instead. Others have super awesome jobs, great partners, live in fab places, and I often forget that people just talk about the good stuff. When I read those confessions on Erin's blog, I realised that there's more to other people's lives than the amazing stuff. We all have our ups and downs but only through that post were some people able to let it all out and share the negative stuff too. It was amazing how people suddenly revealed a part of the not-so-good issue that they have by ticking the anonymous box. Only then were some people brave enough to say "I'm not happy with my marriage at all." or "I dislike Christian blogs" and so on. 

I guess I have 4 reasons why I decided to make a recap about her post:

1.) Note to self: No one has a perfect life, most people prefer to write only about the good stuff and that's absolutely fine. Don't judge others by just merely reading through their posts because there's more to it than what they intend to share. Bloggers are also ordinary people who share the same problems as you, and that is dealing with whatever shit that life gives us. We all have rainy and sunny days, but a lot of us would rather talk about the latter one.

2.) I've mentioned it a couple of times in this post but let me just emphasise it again, I think it's absolutely fine to share the good stuff. I mean hey, we're just keeping a line between blogging and our personal lives, right? But wouldn't it be grand if from time to time, we keep our posts raw and real? Posts about success and happiness DO inspire me, but the ones that were written with such honesty and passion leave a much deeper impact on me. There's one post that I will never forget from the Single Dad Laughing blog which is about missing an ex-lover. Go ahead and read it, I'm sure you can somehow relate with that.. except if you're like 12.

3.) It is really sad that some people abused the the main purpose of the post, and bashed other bloggers through anonymity instead. We all have our opinions but some of those comments were really uncalled for. We are all adults here, so let's all act like one. 

4.) To those people who are struggling with depression, abuse, and other medical stuff, please seek help. There are professional people who can help you, just gotta let them know. 

Now, this post seems longer than I expected it to be but I just really wanted to put my 2 cents about it. I'm keen to read about your recap about it so drop me the link when you've decided to make one as well. Have a good week!

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  1. Super fun idea for a post! I was in love with PostSecret growing up and never knew about Blogsecret!Love it.

  2. I'm your new follower! I love your blog gunna have a read through all your posts now :)

    Http:// xxxx

  3. I have to say, so glad I read this post and followed your link to Erin's blog. I've been dying over here laughing and can hardly believe all of the juice secrets people have! Well definitely have to check out Blogsecret!

  4. OMG! Some of those secrets are so freaking funny! Haha!

  5. New follower from the blog hop! I love your design, it's so unique!

  6. Great points. I spent about half an hour going through her comments and i was cracking up the whole time!

  7. Blogsecret! Already forgotten about it haha. I will read Erin's blog tonight, thanks for sharing!

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