A Letter to Santa

First of all, I am really sorry for mistyping your name all the time. I first wrote 'Dear Satan' instead of 'Dear Santa' I swear, it was not my intention at all to call you the devil. But if you won't bother reading this, then I may consider calling you that after all.

The main purpose of this letter is to thank you for the wonderful presents that you gave me last year. I almost thought that you cursed the shit out of me since the start of 2012 was really the worst time of my life (really? a tough break up and not ending up going to the only university that I applied to? that's a really great way to scare me!!!) But at least you came to your senses and eventually gave me a much better and deserved treat! I met a lot of people and had so many wonderful opportunities; I can never thank you enough! It was really thoughtful of you to shower me with those beautiful things even though my family never bothered cleaning the chimney (We moved to a new house though that has no chimney; I'll leave the windows open so you won't have to make up a shitty excuse for not delivering my presents this coming year)

In case you're getting really old (and fatter) here's a quick recap of the things you gave me:

  • Macbook which I love to bits and pieces.
  • Canon 60D that's too heavy to carry everywhere but I love it anyway.
  • Sudden change of heart. Took a double degree (Marketing and Info Sys) instead of Psychology, which was my plan since I was like 15. 
  • Sudden change of uni too. Original plan was to go to Wellington and study at Victoria... I never thought I would end up at Massey... which requires me 4 hours of travel everyday. You're not only fat, you're unpredictable too.
  • Awesome friends who made me spend a lot of money on food.
  • Credit Card. 
  • $13,000 student loan.
  • Maturity.
  • A lot of vinyl records.
  • This blog... that I need to maintain.
  • Winning numerous giveaways. I feel so damn lucky every time I get an email saying that I won.
  • Random, sleazy men who boosted my self-esteem. One I'll never forget is that time when some dude just placed his arms around me while I was drinking chocolate milk tea with pearls... and told me that my ass is better than Kim Kardashian's. I choked on the pearls but that's completely okay, it definitely made my day.

Things I want this year:

  • iPhone 5. Seriously, I'm stuck with this shitty N95!!! I want to upload pics of my meals on Instagram too!!! Can't do it on a fat Nokia phone, can I? 
  • Good grades. I want to study abroad on 2014, so I need this really badly!!! Martin will hate me for leaving him at Massey but who cares.
  • Ticket back to my home land!!! I don't mind being stuck at Economy class, a 12-hour flight won't be that bad.
  • More business opportunities.
  • Meet more awesome people.
  • More thrill!!! Gossip Girl is about to end and I need more dose of Blair and Georgina scheming. I used to do it when I was like 12 (not kidding here) Can I have that opportunity again?! It was so fun. My nannies and house maids really hated me though omfg.
  • Good health for my loved ones! Fuck cancer.
  • More random nights in town during uni days. Delicious food and unexpected trips = best way to get through the year!
  • Win the lotto. I swear, I won't call you fat anymore. I'll even pay for your liposuction!!! :)

That's it for now!!! Oh and if you're really busy to read all the things that I listed above, just read my previous post (Fuck Cancer!) :) That's my top one priority right now :)

PS: Thank you for your heartfelt emails and comments regarding yesterday's post. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, I'm sure my grandma does too :)

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  1. I love your list! I want to do a study abroad SO BAD I think it would be an amazing experience and it's always essential to globalize yourself. Prayers go out to your Grandma as well xx

    Summer x


    1. YES!!! I always daydream about packing my bags and get out of NZ for at least a semester... bet it will be fun! It will look good on my CV too ;)

  2. LOL with your Dear Santa letter! :)

    If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest.


  3. Happy Christmas Gia!!! I know Santa is more than willing enough to grant all your wishes this year, but he's kinda fully booked right now and is bound for the Philippines :P

  4. YAY for having the same name! And macbooks! But booooo student loans. Student loans are whores.

    1. I swear, your blog is a god-sent.

      I loathe student loans, I think my ultimate life goal is to move to the tundra, don't pay my loans, and hope they never find me.

  5. Wow! You sure received a lot of gifts from him last year. This was fun to read. I hope you get what you want this year as well. :)

  6. I too have asked from my dad that for this Christmas I want iPhone 5 as my gift and hope so definitely will get it. And I wish everyone to get their gifts what they like.

  7. This is a cute wishlist :) I'm with you on "fuck cancer" mission :)
    Noor @Noor's Place

  8. Want an I-pod this year! I wish he could drop me one :D

    Aree With Umbrella

  9. love this! i am dying at the misspelling of "santa" to "satan" haha quite different! xoxo

  10. Hey! Found your blog through the Blog Working Wednesdays blog hop! I'm a new follower...come check out my blog if you want :)


  11. I love your letter! Such a great idea.