Life in a nutshell + Fuck cancer!

It's 5:25 AM and my mind's all over the place... so hopefully, a list would suffice for today.
  • Been working like crazy for the past few weeks... and it feels really good! I like keeping myself busy and productive :)
  • During the weekend, I decided to give myself a break. Not because I want to, but because I needed to... needed to restore my energy and allow my brain to rest. 
  • It was my mum's 48th birthday yesterday :) Had a fancy dinner at some great restaurant but I had a mild headache due to my excessive time spent in front of my laptop.
  • Today, I need to make up my mind whether I'll volunteer at Sylvia Park or not. Everyone's nagging me but I'm not sure if I can handle the pressure. Gah, I wish I had more confidence in myself.
  • I am drinking a warm cup of Swiss Miss as I type this... but I bet you're not surprised ;) Everyone  knows I'm a sucker for that.
  • Finally got my exam results. I can finally breathe... and not worry about any uni-related stuff until March (yes bitches, I'm on a 4-month summer break)
  • It just hit me that my parents are getting older and weaker every single day. It's like a wake up call when I took my parents' photos yesterday, realised that they are no longer the young couple that they used to be. It makes me incredibly sad that time goes by so fast... and I feel like I've wasted a lot of time that I could have spent with them.
  • Fuck cancer... which leads to my next important appeal.

As for the special request, I am humbly asking for your help. Since I have no uni nor any bills to pay (except for my credit card) I am so delighted that I can share my weekly income to my grandma who's currently fighting breast cancer. I am not asking for donations, you can help me give her more money for medications and hospital bills through sponsorship or by purchasing any services from my online shop. I would gladly appreciate any help that I can get.

Regarding sponsorships, I can discuss other options with you. If you would like to host a solo/group giveaway, we can set that up. If you have any queries or sponsorship ideas, I'm sure we can work this out as well. Just flick me an email and we'll go on from there.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I wish I could spend my Christmas with my grandma, too bad she's oceans away from us. If you read my previous post, I stated there that I'm deciding whether I should get a "real" job. I think the answer is yes. I'm not sure if I can balance my work as a freelancer and a full time employee but we'll see. I just want to see my grandma next year :)

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  1. Sorry about your grandma!! I love your posts and your witty humor!! Keep doing it!!
    Getting a job may be a great way to be able to afford to go see her. What are your other options?


    1. Thank you :) so far, my only option is to send her money and hope for the best.

  2. You are such a beautiful and inspiring person for helping your grandmother the way you are. I wrote a post about you on my blog to get the word out about your services. Best of luck, you and your family are in my prayers.

    1. I read your blog post and really thankful for your kind words :)

  3. Swiss Miss to celebrate that exams are over, woo! Me too! And so sorry to hear about your grandmother, I do hope that you get to spend time with her soon.

  4. Gia *hugs* so sorry to hear about your grandma. Madasalin ka ba? Pray lang lagi kay Lord and kabit lang sa kanya, wag bibitiw.

    God Bless and Happy Christmas!

  5. Woo hoo for exams being over!

    I am so sorry about your Grandma.. getting a job would be a good option to be able to afford to go see her more frequently. I hope you can figure it all out soon! <3

  6. Seeing your photo of Swiss Miss + marshmallows make me hunger for Christmas more. My dad always prepares chocolate in Christmas morning. :)

    I know how it feels.. My grandma had cancer too. It totally sucks and it pains me that she went through so much pain. I am sending my prayers to your grandma and your family.

  7. I wish the very best for you and your grandma(and ofcourse your whole family) :/ It's always sad to hear that someone loved has something bad.

    Freelancing and doing full time job ain't impossible but it really takes away a lot of time. :p be prepared to have sleepless nights! I still freelance and work full time. And it still causes sleepless nights! But I love those both jobs too much to give up on any :/


  8. Awesome. I can relate. especially to 'fuck cancer' been there!