Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

If you want to hang with mah hood... read below (I know it looks like my friend's pushing his dick inside my ass but I swear he's not)

If you want to have the very best friend in the world (aka me) then there are some things you need to know:
  • Anacondas and I have the same appetite - Seriously, ask any of my friends, especially Martin. I eat like a pig, my mum even tells me that if I don't stop pigging out, people will think she doesn't feed me at home. All I ask in return is for you show the same enthusiasm for food. Since most of my friends are guys, it's not actually a problem for now ;)
  • You need to dislike the same people that I don't actually like - I know we're too old for Mean Girls but at the end of the day, I am still a girl. I don't care if you're a guy and your penis gets so excited when this particular girl passes by; if I don't like her, you should not like her too!!! End of story!!!
  • Do not expect me to text you - because I won't. I only use my crappy N95 phone to txt one person, and sorry it's not you (unless your debit card gets declined because you're a peasant or you crashed your car because you're a shitty driver ok i'm not that mean after all) 
  • I will talk about you in my blog a lot - This is really obvious. I talk about Martin a lot and some of you even thought he's my sugar daddy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.
  • I will buy you lots of stuff so you will continue to love me - Well okay, maybe just food. I love buying food for people so you better be a goddamn grateful. If I give you 3 Mrs. Higgins cookies, I'm somehow expecting something from you next time! 
  • I will drag you to different places - I love going to different places and trying out new stuff. If you are my BFF, you and your wallet must be prepared all the time. Being a peasant is not an excuse, you befriended me so you have to bear the consequences. Get a fucking job or something, I heard prostitution is on demand at K-Road this season.

  • I collect records... so go to Real Groovy with me, maybe?
  • I love giving surprises... so please don't be a kill joy.. especially on your birthday ;D
  • We're gonna have a lot of inside jokes... and my sense of humour is really sick and twisted. I hope you won't leave me.
  • I will invite your family to our family outings, dinner, etc. 
  • I will ask you a lot of odd and twisted favours. Don't worry, it will be fun.
  • I am a big fan of horror movies, so please have a horror movie marathon with me?
  • I will bombard your FB... and it's okay to bombard my timeline too. In fact, I love that.
  • I will edit the shit out of our photos.. and no, not to make us skinny... (refer to pic above)

And the best part? I know you'll love hanging out with me and my other friends. Don't believe me? See below:

Miguel went inside my room and played with my Star Wars figures. This is how they look like now.

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  1. LOL! New to your blog and loving it - I am so happy to have found you! I'll dislike the people you dislike any day.

    Stop by and say hi sometime --

    1. ooohhhh we'll get along just fine ;) checking your blog right now :) xx

  2. LOL at the star wars picture. If I ever go to NZ, or you come to California, I think we will get along great. Lol.
    XO Denysia Yu

    1. I know!!! I laughed really hard when I saw it, it's like having green-minded babies playing inside my room!

  3. omg you're hilarious xD i'm a total anaconda too, no worries.
    and blog talk? pfft, of course. blogs are made for friend gossip ;)

    seriously, i do all these things too XD (except for the texting. i love texting)

  4. Just to let ya know, I am okay with all your demands! lol... loved this post btw :)

  5. Haha Gia, loved this post specially the second one on your list, "You need to dislike the same people that I don't actually like." I was caught off-guard there. You silly girl *evil grin* XD

  6. I like you so much, Gia. You're so funny! Hahaha

  7. dude you never shout me anything. what is this. I'm all sad now.

  8. This is a funny post, but i guess we can be friends too. I love pigging out, and the mean girl part.. if you hate someone part. hahahaha. and dragging to other places and bombarding fb timeline. hahaha. You're hilarious. I like you, check my blog too :D

    THANKS, hope you follow me too:D

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