Thoughts and realisations about the shooting.

It's 4:30 AM and I'm still wide awake. I've been listening to this particular song for the past three days (non-stop, same song over and over again) but shush, I'm not spilling the title since I'm too embarrassed okay.

On another note, I'm still gathering my thoughts about the Connecticut shooting. My mind is all over the place right now so forgive me if this blog post seems a bit way off. 

I have seen a lot of posts and comments regarding the terrible incident, and there are 3 main issues that seem to be getting a lot of attention, so here's what I have to say:

1.) Some people/business owners are getting harsh tweets/hate emails about insensitivity - This issue sparked within the first few hours after the shooting. A lot of people chose to dedicate their tweets to the victims, whilst others still promoted their products/blogs. Personally, I see NOTHING WRONG with that. People have different ways of coping up and showing respect; sadly, we tend to forget that. Others can choose to move on or distract themselves through working, and that is okay. If you want to show respect by tweeting/making a blog post about it, etc, that's great. But if you don't do any of those, I guess that's fine as well. Life goes on and it does not stop for anybody. Sending hate mails about some petty issue is just a complete waste of time. Live and let live!

2.) Fake Twitter/Paypal accounts - There are A LOT of fake, new accounts going around and asking for donations. The nerves of those people! Where on Earth did you find the guts to google '6 year old boy' , save a random photo, and claim that he's your son who died at the shooting for some money?! I hope those scammers get arrested, have some fucking respect.

3.) Westboro Baptist Church picketing - This is absolutely disgusting. I hope they realise that what they're planning to do is completely the opposite of what they're trying to "convey as the message of God". A lot of families are grieving, the least we can do is respect and give them privacy. I don't see the point of picketing at CHILDREN'S FUNERALS and shoving their hypocritical teachings down the people's throats. I am not a religious person at all, but if God really exists, I am sure that this incident wasn't his punishment for legalising gay marriage. From what I've learnt at my Catholic school (for 10 years), God wants people to spread love, not hate. Practice what you preach and have the decency to stop whatever you're planning to do. 

I hope none of the things I said above appear offensive. I know that we all have different thoughts and opinions regarding the matter and I just stated mine as clearly and carefully as I could. I also hope that those families affected by the tragedy may find inner peace someday. 

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  1. I don't find any of this offensive. In fact, I agree with you.

  2. I'm still amazed at the kind of people who use these terrible tragedies for this kinds of things. And come on, those Westboro people have no idea what God is all about, they're just a bunch of crazy people who deserve nothing but pity and jail.

  3. Wow I had no idea about any of those. I'm appalled by the picketers and scammers, the nerve of some people.

  4. Thinking about the Westboro Baptist church picketing this makes me could such incosiderate pigs picket something like this...all of those innocent children and people who lost their lives.


  5. wow... i didn't realize westboro was actually picketing the funerals... wtf??? how heartless can you be?

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