Wellington Trip 2012

Hey guys! Sorry for being a bit MIA this week, I've been really busy! As I've mentioned several times before, I spent Christmas in windy Wellington. Not even gonna lie, I'm now officially in love with the place. Wellington, I'll come back soon! 

No, really. I study at Massey University and it has 3 campuses across New Zealand, including Wellington! My friend and I really want to spend at least 1 semester in Wellington and Palmerston North... can't wait!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas :) 

*heavy photo post ahead.

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  1. Gia!!! just dropping by to greet you a MERRYGAYANG PASKO AT MANIGONG BAGONG TAON! (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year) :D

    Wow, Wellington is such a lovely place. Nice shots!

  2. Hooray, so happy to have just discovered another NZ blogger! <3 I love Wellington SO much! I always have, and I lived there for my first year of uni. It was wonderful!

    Lost in the Haze

    1. It really is a lovely place, can't wait to go back! :) xx

  3. It looks like you had a lovely time, some great pictures :D


  4. Super cute pictures - love the tennis shoes on the wire :)

    Pearls & Paws


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