Yesterday in a nutshell + Post-apocalyptic plans.

  • Midnight - Miguel invited me to go to fucking Showgirls. The name of the place is self-explanatory.
  • 10 AM - Miguel invited me to watch 'The Hobbit'.
  • Saw the big ass Santa at Queen Street. I personally think he lost a lot of weight.
  • I pigged out on Kiwiyo (Red Velvet froyo + blueberries + white chocolate + chocolate sauce + whipped cream) It's freaking hot here in NZ (yeah yeah we celebrate Christmas on summer, it sucks balls) so the only solution is to buy froyo every chance I get.

Okay, enough with that. It's already the 21st here in NZ... and I guess we're still alive! I wonder if social media sites and Google have prepared something "special" for this day? Google changes its logo on special holidays... I hope they'll show us something cool for this "event" too!

I also made a list... post-apocalyptic thoughts and plans:

  • After the holidays, I still have about 2 months of school break. I will re-open my shop and continue working on my blog. There will be a couple of changes around 'Lovely Serendipity'... I'll post more about it when I figure it all out.
  • In relation to that, I will be posting a survey soon. I just want to gather my readers' thoughts as well. I would REALLY appreciate any feedback! :) More details soon.
  • I will be co-hosting a giveaway next month! Where? Guess ya'll have to follow me on Twitter to find out ;)
  • If I don't die today, it means that I still need to pay my student loan.
  • Why can't the world just end today 
  • Go back to Showgirls and watch 'em sexy ladies do the sexy dance.
  • Would it actually make the majority of people happy if the world really ends today?
  • If satan tells me the real date of the apocalypse, I think I will rush to the nearest bank and borrow a huge amount of money. Time to splurge on the things I never had...but always see on the internet (ehem high end products)
  • Maybe go on a cruise as well.
  • And take a call boy with me to keep me company???

I don't even know what the hell I just typed. I'm so tired; I've been out the whole week! But today, I'll just stay at home and watch some movies. But if Miguel invites me to go to Showgirls again... who am I to refuse?

Ya'll have a merry apocalypse!

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  1. I vote we just pretend our student loans never happened. :)


  2. Hi Gia,

    The world isn't going to end, so you can just go ahead and enjoy christmas as well as new years. :)
    Probably sneak in at showgirls again :)
    Lovely post :)


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  3. Love this! Live big - however, that combination of ice cream sounds ass-tastic. Just sayin...

  4. okay, we all survived the apocalypse! :D

  5. Google had a santa tracker that was really clever! Love your blog design, by the way!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.