TGIF || Great goodies I received this week!

Hey guys! My blog turned 1 month old yesterday :)It's been a great experience so far! Today, I have some photos to show you and stories to tell you. Overall, it's been a good week.

I won a giveaway from e-elise etc !!! It's a really nice handmade bookmark :) Love the colour too! The design of the card is really pretty as well! <3
I opened her card and bookmark as soon as I got home from a very stressful day. This definitely made my night :)
I ordered this really cute Nyan Cat necklace from With Love, From Monique. I'll invite her to make a guest post someday :) You should check out her shop! She really makes awesome jewelleries and other stuff :)

We found this big lips plastered on the wall so we used it as props. We were supposed to be studying for our Finance exam but YEAH.

Share a Coke with Martin and Gia! As you may already know, Coke has this really effective marketing tactic of placing names on Coke bottles and cans. They went to our uni yesterday so that students can have a personalized bottle (especially for people like myself who have "rare" names) Massey students went crazy over it, almost everyone bought at least one bottle. Good on ya, Coke. I don't even know if I will drink it but nigga I paid like $4.20 for that


Once again, I'm looking for more guest posters! Please send me an email if you're interested :) I would really love to have you on my blog! Have a good weekend guys :)

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Top 5 favourite movies

Please note that this post is about favourite movies which moved me and had me thinking all night long after watching them. I needed to emphasize this because I’m a big fan of horror movies but of course, they’re not in the list.
Let’s get started! (not in particular order)

(Keith, 2008) -  In order for you to grasp the message that the movie’s trying to imply, you have to be open-minded. Anyway, after I watched this movie, I didn’t sleep the whole night. I can still remember what ran through my head that day. I swore to myself to start taking chances and leave my comfort zone, and I’m really grateful that I did. This movie inspired me in so many ways; if you haven’t seen it yet, please open Torrent rightnow and start downloading!!!

(I am Sam, 2001) - Now you see, this movie will also require you to be REALLY open-minded and practical. ‘I am Sam’ will introduce you to a lot of ethical dilemmas that a lot of people experience every day. The story revolves around a dad who is mentally retarded and is fighting for custody over her daughter. Watch this movie and tell me what you think; a lot of people have different views and perspectives regarding the said predicament.

(Changeling, 2008) - ’Changeling’ follows the real life story of Christine Collins, a mother whose child is kidnapped. My emotions throughout the movie were in a rollercoaster, the kind that would really rip your heart into tiny pieces then make you happy like a child who is about to open his present to only find out that it’s only a pair of socks inside. Trust me, you are missing half of your life if you haven’t seen this yet.

(The Shawshank Redemption, 1994) - I know that this list isn’t in order but putting this in the 4th bullet point just feels very wrong.  The story line revolves around a man named Andy duFresne who was charged for murdering his wife. ”Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” is one of my most favourite lines in this movie. As you can tell, this one’s about not losing faith and determination.  It’s often called as one of the best movies of all time; I highly doubt that someone will contradict that. 

(Gran Torino, 2008) - I can still remember the essay that I wrote for this movie abour 2 years ago. I had fun typing it out, especially because the movie was still fresh in my mind and the impact that it made was still very pristine. ‘Gran Torino’ is all about discrimination, hate, revenge. It’s also about apathy, love, and courage. By the time the movie ends, in the back of your head, you would somehow wish you never saw the ending. 

Have you guys seen any of these movies? If not, which ones are your fave that fit in this category? 

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Pinky promises and other stuff.

I find myself engaging in pinky swearing these past few weeks. It's what we (Martin and I) do everytime we want to accomplish something together. It's like our official contract which states that THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE. So far, I've broken 1 promise but it's nothing really important. He made me swear that I'll let him hear a certain kind of laugh that I don't normally do in front of people but I chickened out so until today, he's still giving me shit about it.

Pinky promises so far (25/09/2012)
  • Me - I will help him finish his infosys assignment
  • Martin - He will shout me some ~fancy~ dinner this week.
  • Martin - The moment he gets a car, he will take me on a food trip!
  • Both - Focus on uni stuff, must accomplish at least 50% of the task before the day ends.
  • Both - We will pig out on graduation day.
  • Both - We will pass this semester!
Anyway, I'm pretty busy this week; hence the lack of posts. I'm cramming on uni work but still procrastinating for exams which I'll most likely regret on Friday. I'm sooooo sorry for the crap posts lately, I promise to make up for it! I have 2 bloggers who are willing to guest post on my blog so you guys better watch out for it! They're both lovely girls so I'm a hundred percent sure you'll love them :)

On another note, my laptop is REALLY STARTING TO GIVE UP ON ME! :( Yesterday, Martin told me that there's smoke coming out from my laptop. I freaked out when I learnt that he was not messing with me at all - I didn't know what to do. I'm still using it right now but I'm very careful and cautious. My dearest laptop aka my first baby, please don't give up on me yet! I don't have the money to replace you soon and honestly, I just don't wanna let you go :(

A wallpost by Martin mocking my laptop. He's still laughing about it -,-  :))

I will most likely buy a Macbook if ever my good ol' Vaio decides to finally give up on me. He's been nagging me since Day 1 to get one and I think he might just get what he wants me to do. He promised me a purple Macbook case though so I'm pretty stoked about it.

Lastly, I just remembered this new store in town called "Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar" I've been wanting to check it out since it opened but I never had the chance to since I'm always busy. Tomorrow, I"ll try to convince Martin to go home earlier so we can (hopefully) grab some delish cookies! Their cookies often sell out really fast so I hope we can still manage to get some. Looking through their photos on Facebook, it seems like a really nice place with a sort of retro feel. Can't wait!

So that's it for now. I'll try to be more quality next time - pinky promise!

How about you? Do you take pinky promises seriously? Also, link me your latest blog posts so I can check them out!

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My thoughts in a nutshell

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! I spent mine in town, partying with friends :) Just to give you a brief idea, we stayed at Waldorf Hotel to celebrate Jacob's 20th birthday. The thing is, only 5 people are allowed inside the room so we had to sneak in one by one. It took us AGES to get in because there are heaps of staff in the reception and there are several guards patrolling the area. We started the party at 12:30-ish AM and yeah, I really enjoyed catching up with several people as well as making new friends! I went home the following morning at around 8:10 and got home just in time for church.

Thanks to Yours Truly for the arrow graphic
Anyway, I'm still exhausted and my mind is totally blank right now so I guess I'll just make a list:

  • I'm looking for guest posters! This could be about anything since my blog doesn't really seem to fit in a particular niche (and I refuse to despite the fact that it's against the blog commandments!) Anyway, all I ask is for you to provide good quality photos (no shadows, not blurred, good lighting) together with your post. Don't make it too long, 300 words would be enough :) Please contact me at: if you're keen to contribute! I will give you a social media shoutout and put your blog button on my sidebar for 2 months :)
  • It's time to totally cram again, everything is due this week! Martin made me promise that we won't  slack off tomorrow... I'll make sure that I'll keep my promise this time for the sake of my grades- well, our grades. 
  • I will be hosting a giveaway on October which will totally excite you (promise!) The giveaway will be hosted on another blog, the blog owner already agreed so it's all set! Don't worry, I'll let you guys know when it will begin.. it's just that I won't post the details on my blog. Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook Page to know more about it! All followers have the advantage of receiving discount codes, irresistible offers, and so much more!
  • I must say that I'm running out of things to blog about!!! Well, I actually have so many things to say but since I haven't taken photos when it happened, I just lose motivation in typing about it.  
  • My laptop is acting weird lately. Aside from the fact that it's already slow, it's starting to create noise as well! The battery life is absolutely shit (less than 1.5 hours), it's also quite heavy for me and it's not helping my scoliosis at all. Martin always insists that I should buy a Macbook but... yeah, we'll see. Who knows, maybe someday, I'll be updating my blog using a brand new laptop ;)
  • Speaking of Apple products, I'm not actually a fan. In fact, I'm one of those people who believe that Apple products are pieces of shit and are super overpriced. I think that I've been brainwashed by Martin that's why Macbook is now included in my "to buy list". 
  • I'm also lusting over iPhone 5!!! I'm not a fan of new technologies either (hah, my phone is a Nokia N95 and records > mp3) but damn guuurrrl, the new iphone is just too sleek and sexy. I hope I get over this "I WANT ALL THE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!" phase because this will surely make me bankrupt. 

How was your weekend? Also, I'm making a video blog on Tuesday so if you guys have any specific requests/questions, email 'em to me! (you can make a comment anonymously too if you're shy)

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Things that make me happy!

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far. This week has been absolutely wonderful for me! In case you don't know, food makes me happy and excited - not even exaggerating here. On Wednesday night, Martin and I made a deal that we'll have roast for dinner the following day. I cannot stop daydreaming about it in the next 24 hours. Even when we were at uni on Thursday morning, all we could think about is that very delicious roast in our favourite roast place. After a very long day at uni, we finally satisfied our cravings. God, I swear I can never have enough roast in my life. Am I making you hungry yet? Good. 

Last night, Martin craved for some Japanese food so we went to this really nice place in town. Jeezus. They have the best food EVER! All throughout our dinner, Martin was like "Thanks to ME we found another great place to eat. Say thank you Martin!" and I just laughed, knowing that he's right. This dude right here knows where the good food at. We were so tempted to order a big serving of chocolate sundae but it was already late and we were in a rush so I guess that would have to wait until the next time we eat there (aka next week hehehehe)

Wow, my intro is quite long. Today's post is actually about a list of things that make me happy! There are some stuff which are bugging me at the moment so I hope this one will help :) Not really a big fan of sulking and wasting my time worrying about negative issues so let me bring the good vibes on!

Blogging - I signed up on Blogger less than a month ago and I guess it's one of the best decisions I've ever made :) It feels great to know that there are people who appreciate the things I talk about. I'm also grateful to have readers who take the time to comment on my posts :) I love meeting new people and this blog gives me the chance to do it!

Warm cup of Swiss Miss - Ok seriously, I know I already told you guys a million times about this but this deserves another recognition on this blog post, especially because it's about the things that make me happy. I'm a real sucker for chocolates - anything that has chocolate in it is basically my favourite. And it's also a given that Swiss Miss are nowhere to be found in NZ supermarkets. It really  makes me happy when Martin brings me one packet of Swiss Miss everyday. It's like a motivation to actually go to uni. I always look forward to this! Ya'll know what I'm talking about, yes?

Discovering new music - Don't you just love it when you hear a very nice song in the most random place and time? Pretty sure this already happened to everyone, whether you were inside a music store or trying a new bra in a lingerie shop. You're just walking around and doing your own thing when a certain song plays over the speakers and you just fall in love with it instantly. The best part is when you actually figure out the title of the song! You download it as soon as you get home and listen to it for days. Not to mention that the album is also available on vinyl records! Such a very great feeling <3

Discovering a very nice place to eat - As a person who extremely loves food and pigging out, this is really important to me. Don't you just love it when you see a restaurant and you go "That place looks nice, let's try it out!" and you actually end up loving everything about it: food, people, atmosphere, setting, etc. It gives me a very a good feeling at the end of the day.

Spontaneity - Every single day has its own surprise, and for me, that's one of the best things in life. I love surprises, I love random cute messages, I love meeting new people, I love spotting a shop with great bargain, I love finding out a new, easier, and faster route to a particular place, I love picking out the most random book and falling in love with after reading the first few pages. 

These simple, little things make me happy. What's yours?

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Hi, I'm a Dior Whore.

So a while ago, I decided to do a little bit of shopping  because I was running out of foundation. I actually went to Chanel first (did some research regarding the "best foundation for very dry skin" and most reviews swore by this particular Chanel foundation so yeah) But no one even bothered to assist me so I went to Dior. 

The lady was very kind and very confident that she knows what she's talking about. She actually remembered me because I bought several Dior lipsticks and eyeshadows from her before. I told her about my skin problem and she brought out a moisturizer and a Dior Forever Foundation. She tested it on me and OH MY GOD, my face never felt this soft before. The flakes were gone and it really felt very smooth, like real life airbrushed. I bought it right away, and as you can see, I even received some freebies! (Dior make-up bag, lipstick, eyeshadow primer, perfume, face primer) I was totally thrilled. 

*Note that I exfoliate (Dior) 2-3 times a week and moisturize (L'oreal) my face everyday. She told me to try using another moisturizer, and so far, I'm in love with the result.

I now officially consider myself as a 'Dior Whore'.

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The Best Invention No-One’s Invented Yet.

So I laid on my bed all day since I was feeling kinda sick (actually, my mum's dragging me to the hospital tomorrow. Noooooo!) Anyway, my imagination started to wander around and thought of awesome things that SHOULD have been invented by now. Here's a list of stuff that I would splurge on within a heartbeat if they're being sold in the market right now: (Warning: may contain very unrealistic ideas)

  • Phone application which translates foreign languages to English - Okay, first of all, I'm not entirely sure if this application already exists or not. I'm referring to something like Shazam (an application which allows you to detect the song's title and artist after recording for 20 seconds) In this case, I just want a damn application which allows you to record someone whilst speaking and translate it to freaking English. That will make our lives a whole lot easier.
  • Movie future teller - I really hate it when I need to decide whether to watch a certain movie or not, especially when it's a horror film I absolutely despise sitting through a whole movie and kicking myself for wasting my time (and sometimes money) for that piece of crap. Someone make me a goddamn device which will analyze my brain and see if a particular movie fits my taste or not. Reviews and trailers are very deceiving so I don't find them helpful AT ALL. Whoever said that the Final Destination movies are a "must see" for die hard horror movie fans can go suck a bag of dicks because those are a huge embarrassment for the horror genre. 
  • Calculator with a question scanner - It's pathetic that students like myself need to take exams, find solutions, and encrypt it on a calculator. Why can't someone just invent a calculator which can scan the problems and solve it? This product can benefit everyone in this planet and we can all live happily because the subject Math is finally extinct. Oh if only.
  • Device which could design my nails and stuff - Wanna know a secret? I can't trim my fingernails properly. Someone always does it for me and it's a big pain in the ass. Also, I have no patience in applying nail polish so my mum always does it for me. I don't really dig the artificial ones which you could stick on your nails so yeah, someone make this device and we're good. 
  • Global wifi - I strongly believe that the internet is very essential to every human. I want an internet connection even if I'm stranded somewhere or snorkeling under the Pacific Ocean. I want to be able to use the internet when I'm busy talking to orangutans and lions in the forest so I can upload our webcam photos right after taking them. Please do something about this!
  • Artificial wings - It is so NOT COOL that these exist only in movies. I want to feel like an angel/superhuman too. Seriously, how come this concept only exists in sci-fi/fairy tale movies? Someone make this happen and the Earth will be a better place! (airlines will be out of business too hehe)
  • A high-tech underground tunnel which serves as a mail box - I hate waiting for parcels to arrive! Do you know how agonizing it is to wait for at least a week before receiving the items I ordered from Ebay/Etsy? I guess this invention can save us heaps from shipping too. Maybe you'll just need to pay a monthly fee for maintenance and whatnot. All you gotta do is shoot the parcel into whatever shit hole that is and has a disposable tracking GPS which goes to your house directly. How it won't bump into other parcels along the way is the problem that the nerdy people need to work on.

What about you? Share your thoughts!

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Mixtape Thursday

Every Thursday, I will post a playlist. You're more than welcome to download them! Here's the link.
  1. Parachute - White Dress
  2. Augustana - Where Love Went Wrong
  3. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Box of Stones
  4. Amos Lee - Colors
  5. Expose - I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
  6. Keane - She Has No Time
  7. NeedtoBreathe - Learn to Love
  8. Frou Frou - Let Go
  9. Lydia - Sleep Well
  10. Melee - Ballad of You and I
  11. Deas Vail - Shoreline
  12. The Autumn Film - Slow Down
  13. The La’s - There She Goes
  14. The Youth Group - Daisychains
PS: Play them fucking loud!
If you like any of these songs, please tell me! :)

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Just some questions I've received :)

I received some queries regarding different things! It's nice to know that you guys (117 GFC and lurkers... yes I can see you!) are really reading my posts. I got emails and Tumblr asks so I guess it would be appropriate to address those questions on this post.

Q: I can't figure out if you're going out with anyone or not
A: I don't know either!!! Nah just kidding. I'm actually in a sort of open relationship with someone who lives in another region. I met him 3 years ago :) I'm not really the type of person who blogs about these kind of stuff so ask away!

Q: How many readers do you have in your previous blog? 
A: 3,000 + readers! :) Also, may I add that I'm really glad that my  followers on Tumblr haven't forgotten about me. Most of my page views come from Tumblr so thank you guys! (hugs and kisses)

Q: What will you be selling? Or are you actually gonna sell something?
A: Shush! I'm still going over it (cost, time, suppliers, postage, etc) It's kind of tough to calculate all those stuff since majority of my readers are international = high postage rate (yes, NZ charges a lot of $$$ for postage) Give me about 2 months and I'll let you guys know :)

Q: How much is your camera and did you pay for it? Is it nice?
A: I got it for NZD$ 2000 (it was on sale, so I got a discount of $200) which includes a  50-200 lens. Yes, I paid for it :) I'm actually in love with it!

Q: Do you accept swaps and guest bloggers?
A: I do I do I do!!! Please contact me at: 

Q: Where are your social media links?
A: I can't be bothered making icons so if you wanna follow me... well... good luck. HAHA!

If you guys have any questions or whatnot, you can ask me anonymously (if you like) on the comments section. If you just wanna have a chat or anything at all, email me! :)

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So long, August!

August is definitely the highlight of my year (so far) I've accomplished a lot of things, and boy, I feel so proud of myself! I'll just scribble it all out on a list, yes?

  • Getting a Swiss Miss packet from Martin is definitely August's topnotcher. You see, I haven't had it for more than a year! Can you imagine that? I'm not sure if there are American stores here in NZ that sell Swiss Miss (and if they do, it's surely super expensive) Martin was kind enough to bring me one for lunch :) He told me the night before to bring a mug, and little did I know that  he was gonna "surprise" me with that one. Oh, and it came with a free cake too :) Happy happy day.
  • All the days and nights that I spent at uni were definitely unforgettable. We always have late dinner in town, and have some hot chocolate afterwards. There was also a time when we totally pigged out because we were so stressed! Seriously, if you need a stress reliever, try going somewhere where there are heaps of selection and buy every food that seems so delicious. It will make you feel a whole lot better (and hyper too)
  • That day when we just hopped inside a bus, not knowing where it's headed to, is also one of my favourite day. Now, don't look at me like that, I'm not crazy. Martin was quite down that day so I decided to cheer him up a bit.. and give him some life. It totally worked. He was laughing at me all throughout our 2 hour bus "journey". We ended up having dinner at some random mall god knows where. Until today, he still brings it up. I don't think he'll ever forget that.
  • Getting my Canon 60D! Everyday, I'm practicing how to take photos in manual. I'm quite slow in learning these kind of stuff, so give me time and I will improve (pinky swear!)
  • Opening up this blog is also one of the highlights! I'm totally having fun meeting new people and receiving good, thoughtful comments :) I will start advertising on big blogs next month to get more readers :) For now, I'll just keep blogging.


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