App Review - Re(mine)d

Hope you're all doing well guys! Today, I'm gonna talk about this new app named ReMINEd. When I got asked to review it, I was really curious about what that app can give me. I'm a techy person so it's no surprise that I was quite excited to try it out. To give a quick overview about it, it's a visual app which can help you prioritise and attain your personal wants. 


- With ReMINEd, you can just enter the name of the object of your desire to save it on your Mine Box, a place where you can find all your existing wants. Desired objects depend on the person, whether it be an expensive suit, a brand new smartphone, a new townhouse or a luxury car. 


- To help strengthen your desire, ReMINEd provides you with a chance to add a picture of that object you want. You can add a picture from your camera or grab a photo online. 


- Set your priorities straight by indicating the level of priority for each desired object. You can also set an alarm to alert you of the target acquisition date. 


- Set the goal. May it be to save a certain amount of money or buy a new car after three years, ReMINEd will help you set your desired goals effectively. 

As you may see from my blog, I like visual stuff, I feel more motivated when I see something. The reason why I gave my blog a makeover is because I needed a little more push to continue blogging. In this case, I think my prayers were finally answered. I'm the type of person who wants to accomplish a lot of stuff but tend to ignore it after a few days. I've always wanted an iPhone since the 4th generation came out but I never got one. The very first thing that I added on my visual wishlist is an iPhone 5! I like how it tells you the date when you uploaded the reminder and the level of priority that you want to set for it. I also like how there's a post-it on the lower right where you can type whatever you want to push you harder. In my case, I placed a deadline so I can start saving up right away. I will update you on my progress!

Personally, I think this is a very great app. People tend to be more motivated when they are reminded constantly of what they want. You can be more creative and start posting intangible stuff such as "Pass final exams!" or "Graduate highschool/college!". You can photoshop your portrait wearing a toga or something, just to push you a little bit more. Not only will it help you, it will also excite you seeing yourself wearing a toga ;) Those are just a few examples of what you can do. The possibilities are ENDLESS. You can also upload your wishlists on Facebook and share it with your friends for utmost support!

Final verdict: Really great app, totally using it from now on. They have a free version which lets you upload 5 wishes. Alternatively, you can purchase the full version for only $0.99. Amazing, isn't it?

Download it now and be inspired!

Remined Official Website
Remined iTunes Link
Remined Facebook

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Now Open: The Savvy Chics - Design, Writing, VA.

Aaaaaand it's officially open now!

We're still making lots of improvements so please bear with us :) Visit our website, take a good look around, and contact us. (Hint: we have special deals to the first 3 customers so get in quick!)

Just to give you a fair background about this business, we decided to call it 'The Savvy Chics' because we're a team of 14 ladies who all have different backgrounds and talents. We've decided to come under one brand because most of them are freelancers who aren't active in social media networks and advertising. It's fun collaborating with several people around the globe and coming up with several ways to share our talents with YOU!

As I've mentioned before, this is a labour of love and all of us cherish and value our work. We're so excited to hear from you and start creating something that you'll truly love.

Visit us now at: The Savvy Chics

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Second month here on Blogger! || Blogging Tips from a newbie

Today marks my second month here on Blogger! Just to give you a bit of overview about my past blogging experience, I actually "blogged" over Tumblr for almost 4 years. I've made great connections and even met a great friend on that website. I had fun, but something was lacking. As I've mentioned before, I blogged over at different sites (like the kind of blogging that I do now, only a tad bit more mature haha) but Tumblr was different, most people didn't actually 'blog'. My dashboard's filled with funny memes and 1-sentence posts. I tried doing that for the past few years and I had tons of fun, but I eventually felt the need to move on. I've known about Blogger for a long time but I never bothered starting a real blog because it was too intimidating for me, getting used to Tumblr and all. I actually used to have a very personal site on Blogger, no one knew about it except for myself. But I ended up deleting it anyways, so don't try to find it ;)

Long story short, I eventually made a new account and started this little blog :) It took me AGES to come up with this url, I literally spent endless nights thinking of a good one, something that will totally apply to me. Fortunately, I came up with this one and alas, Lovely Serendipity was born :D
Now, I'm going to tell you some tips and comments from a newbie's perspective. I know you've seen this type of post from almost every blog but I just want to add some stuff so here ya go:

1.) Design - let me start with the most obvious one. If you think that as long as your content is great, people will start following your blog, then I'm sorry my friend but that's NOT how it works. You need to invest on your design, whether it's your time (if you're a savvy designer) or money (if you're not that confident with coding and other stuff) The moment that people see your blog that is a total... disaster (I'm sorry) but they won't even bother reading your recent post. I am not talking about spending hundreds of dollars on extravagant designs, just keeping it easy to read with a bit of design that will show your personality is enough. In my case, I use headers to give my visitors some hints about myself. My first header was this and I'm confident enough to showcase it to everyone because that's me, that's what represents everything that I will write on this blog.

2.) Advertising - This somehow relates to my previous point about design. Just some friendly tip: If you decide to start sponsoring other blogs, make sure that your overall design + blog button are pleasing to the eyes and attractive. Imagine paying $40 to sponsor a big blog with a poor blog design, it's a total waste of money because people will just click the 'x' button. This also applies to swapping ads btw.

3.) Join BBN/Blog Hops - I've established friendships here on Blogger by signing up on BBN and joining blog hops. Bloggers are SO friendly, they are always willing to help newbies settle in blogosphere! Make sure to click around as well so you can meet other bloggers, it's never a one sided friendship, guys! You need to make the effort too. 

4.) Leave GENUINE comments, always - Bloggers love getting comments, so long as they're genuine ones. Personally, I think it's rude to comment on a post saying that you like her blog and just slamming your url at the bottom. This clearly shows that you didn't even read it! What's worse is when random bloggers say that they've followed you and that they would love you to follow back, only to see that their profile is nowhere to be found on your GFC. Only leave comments when you have thoroughly read the post. Bloggers (including myself, of course) take a lot of time and effort in typing up a post, please be considerate.

5.) Turn off the damn CAPTCHA! - I love commenting on other blogs but it kinda bugs me when I need to type random words on blogs that enabled captcha :( I know that some may say that it prevents spammers from bombarding their comment boxes but is it really worth it to drive away lots of precious comments? There are days when I seriously can't be bothered typing them, especially if I've already hit the refresh button several times and I can't still read the damn thing. Remove it now. If you're a bit lost, google it. Take my word, guys. 

6.) Don't be too vague on your title posts, be creative - Your followers follow heaps of other blogs too, so make yours stand out. There's a big chance that they will just scroll past your newest entry on their dashboard if your title isn't that catchy. Ask yourself what title would trigger you to click a certain post, that always works out for me.

7.) Tell everyone that you're offering free swaps - I gained readers through free swaps, honestly. If people know that you're offering it, there's a big chance that they will swap with you! Just another friendly tip though, please understand that there's a fine line between being friendly and somewhat rude. If you've only started and have about 30 followers, don't ask people who have 500+++ followers to swap with you because that's just not fair. I'm sure they offer affordable advertising rates, so if you really dig their blog and want to get your name up there, purchase one :)

8.) When you really love a certain blogger's post, shout it to the mountains!!! - Promoting other bloggers through social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook is a good way to show co-bloggers that you appreciate them and their effort. A simple tweet which says "I love @(insert name here) post! Check it out at (insert url here)" will SURELY make any blogger smile. I know that they will appreciate it and feel more inspired to blog :)

9.) Make a Twitter and/or Facebook account - This really helps. Sometimes, your GFC followers might not see that you've posted a new blog entry. Twitter is a perfect tool to remind everyone that you've posted a new one for them to read! ;) It also helps in getting to know your favourite bloggers. Of course, they won't post on their blog about the most random bits and piece of their day, but there's a high chance they they will tell about it on Twitter! Bloggers also give incentives such as discount, promo codes, etc to people who follow then on Twitter/ Facebook. This also helps if you're a big fan of joining giveaways. Oh and how can I forget, this can promote your blog too!!! If other people retweet your funny tweet and whatnot, you are exposed to THEIR followers too! The list just goes on, sign up and you will find out more about it soon :)

10.) Enjoy the ride - Be yourself and never let those numbers you see on your sidebar affect you. ALL of us started off with one follower. If you persevere and put your heart and soul into your blog, everything will turn out just fine. Just a lil' bit of patience and you will see the result that you want :)

I hope this helped you, especially the newbies!!! There are tons of other tips which you can read from other bloggers who have better experience in Blogger World (google it!) Have a good friday, guys! xx

PS: Give my newest sponsors some love and brighten up their day! How I Dwell Now and The Brothertons

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If I could change the movie endings...

Alright, so if you're following me on Twitter, you would have probably seen my tweet saying that "I will rest today (now considered 'yesterday) and just unwind." Well, that actually happened; I didn't do anything work-related yesterday. I just pigged out (oops) and searched for more blogs ;) It's actually depressing to find my Blogger dashboard so dead at this time, figured that I should follow more blogs from the other side of the world! (ehem English bloggers) 

Okay, enough about that. Today, I'll just be rambling about how I would change a particular movie's ending ;) I find myself picturing a different scenario every time I finish watching a movie - and that totally irritates me! I hope that someday, I can learn how to accept how the movie really ended. *sigh.
*Note: I did my best to pick out movies that are popular so you won't scream "SPOILER!!!" in front of your laptop (or whatever device you're using to read this) BUT if you haven't seen it yet, then I would recommend skipping that number. If it's too late, sorry! Get it on DVD or something ;) (I would say torrent it but shush)

1.) A Walk to Remember - Now ladies, I know your hearts still ache for this one. First of all, I've always loved Mandy Moore ever since her music video 'Candy' came out. I then became a big fan and religiously watched all her movies and bought her albums. Of course, when this movie came out, I was ecstatic. I watched the movie before reading the book (oopsie) I hoped that the book would give a slightly different ending but... ok I'll shut up now. 

If I were given the chance to change the ending I would: Duh, of course I won't let her die. So after getting married, Jamie's still battling with cancer and Landon's just there to support her blah blah blah. I know that in the story, Jamie's miracle was her husband but wouldn't it be better if she witnessed a greater miracle within herself? She was really kind and loving, she even saved Landon. Landon also deserved to have a miracle, he changed for the better and turned his back on so many things just so he can be a much greater person.  The type of ending that I would like for this movie is for her to survive, have kids, and share her inspiring story through songs. 

2.) Star Wars (Return of the Jedi) - If you haven't read my 'about me' page, then you wouldn't know that I'm a die hard fan of Star Wars. I've watched all 6 movies hundreds of times and every time I watch this episode, my heart just breaks even more. 

If I were given the chance to change the ending I would: Obviously won't let Darth Vader die. In all fairness, he was the chosen one and one of the galaxy's most powerful Jedi ever. I'm aware that he was only half human and half machine at that state but George Lucas didn't have to be so mean and let him die (sad face) Luke saw a conflict within Vader and at the end, he admitted that Luke was right. Vader could have proven himself once again to everyone, especially his children. The type of ending I would like for this movie is for Luke to carry him out, Vadey still hanging in there, and Han Solo recommends this particular creature or medicine from Corellia which can save Darth Vader. He then slowly regains his health, gives Leia and Han Solo his blessing, then lived happily ever after.

3.) Titanic - You definitely saw this coming, didn't you? Why of course this is on the list, I think every girl will include this, won't ya ;) I pull off my hair every time I have to sit through the ending. The movie's really good, I will never get tired of watching it. But the ending just makes me cry (well, not anymore. I think my heart's turned into stone, thanks to these type of movies that forced me to try feeling emotionless!!!) 

If I were given the chance to change the ending I would: let Jack live. He's like the I'M A SURVIVOR type of guy, he will never go hungry because of his ultimate skills. He's Jack, the person who can achieve and get anything as long as he's determined to do so. I believed he could have come up with several ideas on how he can survive. I've seen endless debates on how Rose could have shared some space with Jack, but I'm sorry folks, if you attended Physics class you know it's just not possible. The type of ending I would like for this movie is for Jack to survive and get his happy ending with Rose. She learnt how to finally speak out and stand up for herself because of Jack, and I think she deserved to have that man for the rest of her life. So anyway, Jack could have prolly disguised himself as a lady so he can jump on the freaking boat. I know that this is very unethical but if you were in a situation like that, you'll do whatever it takes to survive. Orrrr maybe the rescue ship could have arrived earlier. I don't know. Just let him live and I'm fine. No need to break my heart every time I see Rose letting go of Jack's hand :( [ also Rose you stupid fuck why did you let go of that necklace. I could have used it for a giveaway or something]

That's all for now guys! I think I'll do this on a weekly basis ;) Stay tuned for next week's movies! I better go to uni now, have a happy Thursday!

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Life is a battlefield (well no, just dreading finals)

I've worked 8 hours straight (unless Peanut Butter and Jelly time is considered break time) working on this new business that I will soon open. I actually don't have much energy left to make a "real" post so I'm just gonna bombard you with random stuff (yet again)

1.) Whoever said that becoming your own boss is easy.... is a big fat liar!!! I've worked for myself before as a freelancer (still am) and it wasn't that tough. I just signed up at ODesk and, updated my profile, made bids on projects, and waited to get hired. Yes, I spent countless hours bidding and convincing potential clients on why they should hire me, but that's it. I didn't have to invest so much time, effort, and money before. This new upcoming business of mine is like my first child - I stay up until midnight to sort things out, contact members, update the site, etc. It may sound like I'm complaining, but I promise I'm not! :) In fact, I love what I'm doing and I think that's what matters. As I've mentioned on my previous post, I'm more confident working for myself and not anyone else. I also perform best when I LOVE what I'm doing. Seriously, I'm a very stubborn person and I can't really bring myself to do something which I don't like at all. Okay, this is getting a bit long. Main point is, I'm happy and I've never felt so determined in my entire life. Accomplishing something at the end of the day feels so great! (Although I think I need to slow it down a bit because finals are coming but I will launch it soon enough!)

2.) I came across a forum on BBN last week about sponsoring ads and which blogs gave them the most traffic. Well, I have some great news for you because I got myself a very great bargain. I know that most of you will be logging on to Passionfruit Ads as soon as you finish reading this. Wanna know why? Camie who blogs over at Wild Spirit offers her ads for only $7. Yup SEVEN DOLLARS. She currently has 6000+ followers and because of that, she sent me about a thousand hits last week. I've known her since I was about 14 and trust me, you will love working with her :) Send her some love and tell her I sent you! You can send her a message here or follow her Twitter. 

3.) Don't you just love my fluffy puppy slippers? I can't stop walking around them, they're just too comfy. My dad bought it from a garage sale on Saturday and gave it to my brother. I could not resist not having it so I just get it whenever he's at school ;) He doesn't even pester me about it... so I guess it's officially mine now? :D

PS: I finally reached 400 followers, just in time for my second month here on Blogger! :) I'm super happy and thankful for all the friendships I've established here so far :) Also, I will post the second part of my previous blog entry about my traumatic experience before the week ends. Have a good Wednesday guys! xx

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My Bucket List

I write bucket lists every year and I obviously end up making new ones since my preferences and perspectives in life change from time to time. I need a lot of motivation and inspiration now though so I guess I'll a new one today. Now that I'm nearly 19, I hope I can stick with it for a long time. I also hope I can accomplish at least half of it. 
  • Write a novel - My grandpa was an author and published 6 books (or more) before he died. He included all of his grand children's names on those books and he really inspired me to practice writing. I want to write my own book someday, I don't care if it does not get published. Writing a novel with all my heart and soul is what truly matters.
  • Own a successful business someday - I can really see myself handling my own business. I have so many ideas and I just can't wait to put it all into actions. 
  • Ride a submarine and visit the wreckage of the Titanic- I will do whatever it takes, even if I have to marry a marine in order to experience it. 
  • Hot air balloon date - Typical woman here who wants a romantic afternoon with le hubby on a hot air balloon! Please?
  • Have wonderful children - I've always wanted to have a big family (that means 4 or more children!) I can pretty much imagine myself going to family outings with so many kiddos who are competing for my attention. I love children and I hope my future husband does too :)
  • Jet ski race with my boyfriend - We both love the sea and any activity that involves water, I just don't know why this never happened yet :(
  • Hug Robert Smith and Andrew Mc Mahon for making such beautiful music - Please, I'm not the only one who fantasises about doing this, right? Those 2 gentlemen did the world a huge favour, and that's obviously producing wonderful songs. 
  • Ride a motorcycle - Okay, don't give me that weird look. My mum never allowed me to ride one because it's "dangerous" ... but don't tell her I wrote this though! It's our little secret ;)
  • Create my dream home - I certainly love wasting my time browsing through home magazines and the internet, looking at big and beautiful houses. Although, I would still pretty much prefer to design it according to my needs and style. Knowing myself, I want everything I own to be customised - I want it to reflect myself, my personality. 
  • Bake a cake for someone special - Okay, I've never baked a cake before.. Well, maybe in Home Economics class but it doesn't count because it was a group project, okay? And I want my first cake to be given to someone really special (oh god, now you can pretty much imagine how cheesy I am)
  • Fly a kite - I remember owning heaps of colourful kites when I was younger but I can't recall ever flying them. Never too late guys! 
  • Hit bullseye on a dartboard - Self explanatory...
  • Scuba diving - I've always wanted to do this but the people around me are either scared or simply can't be bothered doing it. I seriously need to meet new friends who are passionate about this.
  • Graduate uni with flying colours - I know that my hard work will pay off within a few years :) Gotta make mum and dad proud!
  • Win NaNoWriMo - I just know I will.
  • Learn how to play the piano again - My cousins and I used to attend piano lessons when we were younger because our grandpa encouraged us to do so. I only studied for about 2 months... and I totally regret it now. I wish I pursued playing because it was like a therapy for me, like a stress reliever after a long day.
  • Invent something - A game? Trend? or even just an idea, I simply want to contribute something worthy for everyone. 
  • Buy my dad his dream car - I always tell him that I'll buy him a car when I'm already earning my  own money (I was young ok and I wanted that cute Barbie doll) But seriously, he has done so many sacrifices for our family, always thought about us first, and loved us with all his heart so I want to reciprocate that by fulfilling my promise. I know that his ultimate wish in life is for us (his 3 children) to finish college and be successful in life but I also know that a car will be a huge bonus ;)
  • Go shopping with my mum for the whole day... my treat! - Like my dad, she also sacrificed a lot for us. She never buys new clothes anymore, she always prioritises us first. She earns a lot of money, but she never spends it for herself. My mum doesn't even buy herself lunch during the weekdays, she saves it instead so she can help us repay our student loan. I want to make it up to her by buying everything she has always wanted. She deserves it.

*I will still update this, but that's all for now :)

Make a list too and link it back to me! Is there something on the list that you wanna achieve as well? Share your thoughts :)

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Do You Believe in Fortune Tellers?

Hope you guys enjoyed my previous post about my garage sale haul! :) I'll try to look for more awesome items on Saturday!

Obviously, my post for today is about fortune tellers (or psychics, whatever you wanna call them) And no, I didn't sign up to those infamous astrological slash psychic websites. A middle aged woman actually went up to me randomly outside the mall and asked if I had a few minutes to spare. It was broad daylight and her intentions seemed harmless so I stayed a bit for a chat. She then told me straight away that she's a psychic and that she's more than willing to give me a free reading - the only catch is that I have to tell my friends all about it (and I did, but not because she asked me to. we'll talk about that later) and that I should take note of everything she'll say very carefully. I have always wanted to try it out so I agreed, I had nothing to lose anyway.

Long story short, she actually amazed and crept me out at the same time. She mentioned a lot of things which I've never told anyone, not even my bestfriend nor boyfriend. After indirectly showing off her skills (or black magic, as others would call it) she then proceeded to tell me about my future. She also mentioned something about my current relationship with my long distance boyfriend, which gave me a very reassuring feeling I must say. 

Now, here's the problem, I've become obsessed. I didn't waste my time looking for bogus psychics on the internet, I want HER. Before going home, I always pass by the spot where she approached me but I never saw her again. At first, I thought she wanted to give me a free reading as a sign of promotion; but then I realised that she didn't even give me her contact details - nothing at all.

That happened a month ago and I still constantly think about it. I told my friend about it and he said that his grandma also has special abilities with those kind of stuff, but she never shared her so-called gift with her family.

Despite that incident, I still believe that everything that happens in this world is caused by our actions. Do I believe in fate? Yes, but to a certain point. Say for example, you met your significant other at your university - that's fate. But you would have never met him if you decided not to go to college, or went somewhere else. What happens to us are still the roots of our actions, and that is why I'm trying really hard to forget everything that the psychic told me. Also, if you're wondering whether I think she's a fake or not, I would say that I'm not sure. I'm a very skeptical person and I never believe in anything unless I can prove it. 

I know a lot of people who are extremely obsessed about knowing their future (I know heaps who have consulted different fortune tellers!) and I think I've somehow figured out the reason why. When a person who claims to have gifts tell you all these wonderful things which you've been wanting to hear since day one, you tell yourself to believe it. Of course, you'll eventually crave for more details and more readings, which I think is very unhealthy.

What about you? Have you met a psychic before? Do you believe in their special abilities?

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Mini Home Tour - Garage Sale Edition

I bought all of these for just $7! The lady wanted to sell them as a set (I was only after the big and small ship) so I had no choice but to take them all home. The 2 men captured my heart after a while so they're still sitting there; otherwise, I would have included them in the inorganic collection ;)

Again, I bought it as a set for $15. Whenever we have visitors, they always ask how "expensive" they are, I just simply say "oh, not that much ;) "

I finally believed in 'love at first sight' when I saw this. A mini fountain with lights for only.. ummm.. I think it was $5? It still works, it's just not plugged. Love love love this.

Oops! Now you all know that I'm too lazy to wipe the dust... can I make up an excuse and say that it adds a vintage effect to it? Yes? Good! I've always wanted a doll house but I don't have the time to look for someone who can do it. There are heaps on ebay but shipping is too expensive! (at least $300) I'm not looking for the plastic ones, I visualise it as something modern and classy! (pastel colours, duh) 

This one's my favourite because it looks really elegant... Can you guess how much I paid for it? 

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What I've Been Up to Lately

I did some online shopping at Dana's Wonder Forest Closet sale! I'm pretty sure she has more items for sale, don't miss out!

Nothing really interesting is going on with my life right now... just same old me who's on cloud 9 because everything seems really great :) I have finals coming up in less than a month so I decided to no longer accept commissioned work until mid-November. I'll just finish up all the projects I've accepted then I'm taking a break. I'm still available to work as a virtual assistant but no more writing for me until then. I really need to ace these because I'm too broke to repeat another subject. I also enrolled for summer school because I still lack one core paper.. I just want to finish my degree as soon as possible!!!

I've been feeling so inspired lately and during the past few days, I've come up with several ideas... but those ideas would have to wait until I finally graduate. It's a really great feeling whenever I'm feeling so motivated to start something.

My dream of having my own business someday is what drives me to study really hard. I wish I could do it right now, but I can't. Plan is to work for a few years and finally set up my own company. Just wish that this blog would still be alive by that time so I can show it off to you guys and give discount to those who commented on this post ;)

You may be wondering my why goal is all about money. Well, I'm 18 and already have thousands of debt due to student loan. I came across this blog last week, it's about a Harvard graduate who paid his loan in 10 months. Please read it if you have the time! His journey is really inspirational :)

If you guys have any suggestions on how I can repay my loan easily, PLEASE tell me. I'm too desperate to wipe it out as soon as possible.

God why did I even go to uni.

Okay, have a good day, guys! Off to have roast for lunch :)

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Quick update before I enjoy my weekend!

I had a really great Friday! Martin and I finally went to uni (yes, if one of us decides not to go, the other person won't go to uni as well. We're like peanut butter and jelly) We only stayed there for about an hour and went back to town, grabbed some milk tea, and did our online homework in Crown (our former school) I like lists so I'll continue the rest of my day in bullet points!

  • We stayed in Crown for 1.5 hours. Martin has this bad habit of pressing all the buttons in the elevator and ever since we moved to Massey, he never had the chance to do it again.. Well, his agony didn't last too long, he did it a while ago and it was so embarrassing to see people looking at us every time the elevator opens. I just wanted to hop off the elevator and pretend that I don't know him.
  • While we were inside the bus, Martin suddenly punched me and yelled "YELLOW CAR!!!" and I knew this was gonna be a tough game. He ALWAYS sees the yellow cars first and I end up being a punching bag :( I wonder what the people inside the bus were thinking? Hope we didn't distract them too much! 
  • Went to Newmarket to meet up with Miguel. He texted me at midnight and asked if I wanted some Carbonara (he's a culinary student!) and of course, I said yes (I never say no to food, duh) Martin suggested that we should go to this particular restaurant and I got really excited because I haven't been there for ages but Miguel suddenly remembered that he had to babysit his little bro (who, btw, is not so little anymore.. gaaahh kids grow up fast!)
  • Miguel gave me 2 containers, one has Carbonara and the other one has this some sort of garlic pasta which tastes really good! Unfortunately, Martin took the carbonara away from me! :O How in the world is that fair? I craved for that ever since Miguel told me about it and, poof! Gone just like that. 
I'll keep this update really short, I have a busy but fun weekend ahead! I'm participating in "Lovely Letters" and I'm soooooo excited to send some snail mail to my partner! Also, If you're planning your posts for next week, have a look at my previous update about the things I would like you to blog about. I hope it will give you some inspiration! 

Also, please check out this really awesome giveaway from Olga!

Click here to enter!

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Ways I Motivate Myself When I'm Feeling Down

Happy friday, guys! I'm actually at uni right now but I really felt the urge to start making a post! This week has been a bit rough, so glad that it's about to end. I hope next week would be much better because I'll surely go insane if it continues to be like this :( I slipped and hit my head on Monday and I've been very cranky ever since. I've sort of pushed away a lot of people, my boyfriend included.

Anyway! Today, I'm just gonna be babbling about the things I do to motivate myself (which applies to me perfectly at the moment since I'm feeling really down and uninspired)  

I make a playlist -Truth be told, I'm a very sentimental person. I even have this playlist on my iPod entitled "Mood". Every time I feel helpless and whatnot, I just listen to that playlist and those songs help me relax. They remind me of happy times and it gives me a warm feeling inside, knowing that things will eventually be okay. If you want my best pick, listen to this song, you'll be just fine :)

Read a book - I have so many books in my room that I've never read because I'm too busy. Whenever I feel soooooo unmotivated, I just pick a random book (well, not really.. I pick the one with an inspiring gist) and read for the rest of the day. I tend to become emotional over books, especially when I can imagine myself inside the character's shoes. Have you guys read 'The Giver'? or 'PS: I Love You'? I've read those books heaps of times and I just get all the feels in the world (sorry, Tumblr language here) Whenever I read something that moves me, I suddenly get all the energy to start doing stuff all at the same time, it's insane.

Buy new records - I have this favourite record store in town called 'Real Groovy'. I always make sure that I drop by whenever I'm having a bad day. I spend like an hour just looking through records, hoping that I'll find something which will scream "BUY ME! BUY ME! I'M A GREAT ALBUM, SO BUY ME!" to me. I always tend to buy albums which I've never heard before but end up loving them anyway. Such a nice feeling.

Play my vinyl records - always struggle to decide which record I'll play first; I have over 500 records to choose from so it's never for me. But to give you a fair idea, "Everything in Transit" by Jack's Mannequin is my top favourite album whenever I'm feeling all emotional and stuff. 

Pig out - Seriously, I feel really good whenever I eat whatever the hell I want. I'm not conscious about what I eat at all (oops, totally unhealthy I know) It just so happens that during the weekdays, I always pass by the town so it's really convenient for me to just splurge money on food ;) Chocolate milk tea  and sweets will never cease to make my day <3

Find some new blogs to read - It seriously makes me happy when I stumble upon blogs which have really inspiring content. Whenever I read their stories, it just makes me feel so motivated to move my ass and start being productive.

Make plans with friends - Catching up with my friends is also my therapy. The only friend that I always hang out with is Martin, I really don't have the time to mingle with others. The main reason for this is uni - we're in the north and they're in central. I only see them during study breaks and parties. No matter how rocky my situation is, I'm always happy to see them :)

Watch my favourite TV series - In my case, it's One Tree Hill and some other Asian romantic-comedy ones :) Yes, I'm an OTH die hard fan, don't hate! Those series just remind me about heaps of stuff so I somehow end up feeling a whole lot better.

What about you, guys? What do you do when you're feeling down?

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What I would like YOU to blog about

Hi guys! Today, I made a list of stuff that I would like YOU to blog about! We all have those days when we just don't seem to have anything to post. If ever you're running out of creative juice, this post is for you! 
  1. Something you're passionate with - I like it when I get to know fellow bloggers through this kind of post. Everyone is surely passionate about something, please share your story about it!
  2. Unpopular Opinion - Be careful though! It's completely alright to voice out your opinion which majority of people won't agree with but make sure that you're not bashing anyone or shoving your opinions down on people's throats. 
  3. Most Unforgettable High School Experience - First boyfriend? First heartbreak? Romantic Prom? Won an award? Whatever it is, share it!
  4. Movies that somehow changed your life - I already made a post about this. I would be so keen to know about your movie picks which changed your point of view in life!
  5. A letter to your future child - To all the single ladies/soon to be mums out there! This is a great chance to let your readers know more about yourself. I believe that this kind of post reflects a person's personality. You can show this to your child as well a few years from now!
  6. If you have the chance to do any thing you like for a day, what would you do and why? - Ahh, we all have those moments when we daydream about pretty much everything, especially fantasy ones. Let your readers see how creative you are and talk about all the things you'll do if you have the power to do so!
  7. Story about the first few months of blogging here on Blogger - Tell us why and how you started blogging. Did you do a massive planning or just blogged right away? Did you pay for ads? Who inspired you to blog? Inspire newbies through this kind of post!
  8. Serendipity - Ever thought that you're walking down the wrong direction, only to realise that it was for the better? Ever felt bad for waking up late and missing the bus, only to find out that the same bus crashed into the bridge? Everything happens for a reason! Share your "serendipity-kind-of-story"!
  9. 5 letters to anonymous people - It's a great way to pour your emotions out in a healthy way. Give it a try.
  10. If you could invent anything, what would it be? State at least 5 - I already made a post about this as well! Stretch out your minds and come up with something totally cool and unique! 
  11. Playlist - Share your music taste and give your readers an online mix tape! You can upload it at 4Shared and just share the link to us ;) Here's a link to my post.
  12. Video blog - Let your readers be your watchers too! I love hearing the voices of bloggers who inspire me :) It builds a stronger connection between readers and bloggers, trust me!
  13. High school is about to end - What were your options? How many colleges did you apply to? Did you start working right away and skipped college? What made you choose those decisions? Share!
  14. A very funny story - We all have those moments when our jaws hurt from laughing, why not share it on your blog? There could be a person out there who just needs a good laugh because she had a bad day... Well, make her day!
  15. An unfortunate dilemma with a customer - Ever encountered a very bad customer/client? Share your story! I love reading Clients from Hell but they barely update it anymore :( Would be really fun to know about my fellow bloggers' experiences!
  16. Tips on how to start a small business - Many newbies (myself included) are inspired by so many successful bloggers who own businesses. It would be really great if you share your stories behind your success! How did you come up with that? What are the do's and don't s? Stories and tips please!
  17. What we can learn from fairy tales - Quick! Brainstorm about your all time favourite fairy tales (ehem Disney classics) and make a post about your own perspectives about the moral story behind it. Never seen a post about this before!
  18. A Day in Another's Shoe - What would it be like if you live someone else's life for a day? (Extremely poor/wealthy, celebrity, royalty, etc) Give a specific example like Britney Spears or Katy Perry.
  19. Ask someone to do make a post about you - Well here's the catch, you CANNOT read the post before posting it. That person must be one the one who posts it! Of course, you'll hand it over to someone you completely trust and someone who knows you really well. Make your readers and yourself smile as you read it! :)
  20. Formspring - Make a formspring account, tick the anonymous option, and let your readers ask you questions and answer it on your blog (or video blog) Some people are too shy to ask via email.. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a very unusual question that no one ever asked you before. This could be fun, but it could do some harm as well. You can never tell when the so-called anonymous haters will strike you. Don't ever let their negative remarks bother you, just click delete and move on to the next one! 

I hope this list helped you in some ways! If you've ever posted something that's on the list, please give me the link! I would LOVE to read what you came up with :) Happy blogging, guys!

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My week so far.

I've had these games for a while now but I uninstalled it after a few months because my old laptop was acting really slow. I never enjoyed playing it in my old one because it gets sooooo frustrating when the game just lags over and over again! Now that I got myself a new laptop, I can finally reunite with my old loves. As much as I love 'The Sims', I wish players could do a whole lot more than clicking and hearing them say alien language. Why on earth can't I teach my Sims some good sexual innuendos to make their romantic lives so much better and fun?! When The Sims 4 comes out, I expect them to have finally learnt English, okay?

Remember when I told you guys that my good ol' Vaio was already acting up the past few weeks? Well on the weekend, I decided to finally buy a new one because.. well.. I can't stand it anymore. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. I actually went to the mall to buy some frozen yoghurt because I was badly craving for it. I ended up getting a Macbook instead. Now don't blame me, the guy slashed $120 off the retail price because I told him that (insert name of store here) sells it for a much cheaper value. Anyway, that cute blue keyboard cover is Martin's; he lent it to me because he's so happy that I finally got a Macbook (he's the one who influenced me haha) 

Bananas in Pyjamas! I remembered this show because of an inside joke, I'm B1 and Martin's B2. Martin just randomly asked me what we should call each other and I said that I'm B1 and he's B2. 

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1?" 
"I think I am, B2.." 
"It's eating time!!!"

Needless to say, we always think about the same stuff so that's how I came up with that nickname. We watched one episode at uni and I got hooked ever since. A while ago, I watched the full episode of The Banana's Birthday. Click here if you wanna experience some nostalgia! 

My mum got really nervous when she saw this in the mail. It's addressed to me and she thought I was in some sort of trouble with Google (like copyright issues and shit) I could not stop laughing and assured her that it's not about that - at all. Oh mummy.

How are you guys doing? Link me your latest blog post so I can have a look!

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