Best of Lovely Serendipity - 2012

It's already the 31st here in New Zealand, one more sleep before we officially welcome 2013! 2012 has been a really great year, both online and in real life!

I opened my Blogger account on August 2012... and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. Today, I compiled the most popular posts (in terms of page views) this year. If you're a new reader, I hope you'll find this blog post helpful!

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my blog, please tell me! (blog topics, changes, sponsorship options, anything!)

Hope you guys will have a splendid New Year! Stay tuned for my New Year's Resolutions, it will go live tomorrow :)

Secret Santa Swap!

Okay, is it really sad that I actually typed "Santan" instead of "Santa" again? I really need to stop mixing them up!

Anyway, not much text in this post today. Here's my very first vlog ever about my Secret Santa and the beautiful things she gave me :)

Thanks to The Dreamy Meadow and Eloping Stethoscope for this wonderful idea! 

PS: Yes, I know that my room's colour is so terrible. If it were up to me, I would paint it pastel pink!

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Wellington Trip 2012

Hey guys! Sorry for being a bit MIA this week, I've been really busy! As I've mentioned several times before, I spent Christmas in windy Wellington. Not even gonna lie, I'm now officially in love with the place. Wellington, I'll come back soon! 

No, really. I study at Massey University and it has 3 campuses across New Zealand, including Wellington! My friend and I really want to spend at least 1 semester in Wellington and Palmerston North... can't wait!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas :) 

*heavy photo post ahead.

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Blog Announcement + Short Update.

I'm finally going to Wellington tomorrow and I haven't packed anything yet. My clothes are all over my room and I'm too damn lazy to move my ass. I also remembered that I need to sort out some stuff with uni (aka my papers for next year) Wish I could hire a personal assistant!!!

Anyway, if you're fairly new here, I'm glad you decided to really stick around! If you're my padawan who's been reading this since day one, well congratulations, I've successfully lured you into Satan's lair.  Kinda hard to turn back, right? 

For the sake of my new friends (and vanity) here's a mini blog recap and description of Lovely Serendipity:
  • I started this blog on late August. I've been an internet whore since I was like 12 so I'm pretty much savvy with the whole internet thing. Aka if you're a 50 year old pedophile who's pretending to be an innocent girl, I'll know.
  • Not even gonna lie, I started this blog because I like talking about myself. You'll find that most of my posts are super duper long.
  • Oh, I like lists too.
  • I am brainstorming new ideas for advertising! New changes will be announced before New Year :) Previous sponsors will get an email from me about it! If you're keen to know more about the new options, feel free to shoot me an email or simply holla at me on Twitter.
  • If you appreciate my sarcastic remarks, humour, and sexual innuendos, we'll get along just fine.
  • Don't take everything I say seriously. 
  • I'm actually tired, just go to my 'about me' section and read the whole damn thing. 

Oh and in case you're too lazy to backread, I often mention my friend on my blog mainly because I'm literally stuck with him on weekdays (not like I have a choice, tbh) 

FINALLY, I'm looking for bloggers who want to guest post on blog since I will be away for a couple of days :) And if you're in Wellington, holla at me. I will drag you to Mermaid's and buy you a drink. Do they even have male strippers there? Guess we'll find out ;)

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Yesterday in a nutshell + Post-apocalyptic plans.

  • Midnight - Miguel invited me to go to fucking Showgirls. The name of the place is self-explanatory.
  • 10 AM - Miguel invited me to watch 'The Hobbit'.
  • Saw the big ass Santa at Queen Street. I personally think he lost a lot of weight.
  • I pigged out on Kiwiyo (Red Velvet froyo + blueberries + white chocolate + chocolate sauce + whipped cream) It's freaking hot here in NZ (yeah yeah we celebrate Christmas on summer, it sucks balls) so the only solution is to buy froyo every chance I get.

Okay, enough with that. It's already the 21st here in NZ... and I guess we're still alive! I wonder if social media sites and Google have prepared something "special" for this day? Google changes its logo on special holidays... I hope they'll show us something cool for this "event" too!

I also made a list... post-apocalyptic thoughts and plans:

  • After the holidays, I still have about 2 months of school break. I will re-open my shop and continue working on my blog. There will be a couple of changes around 'Lovely Serendipity'... I'll post more about it when I figure it all out.
  • In relation to that, I will be posting a survey soon. I just want to gather my readers' thoughts as well. I would REALLY appreciate any feedback! :) More details soon.
  • I will be co-hosting a giveaway next month! Where? Guess ya'll have to follow me on Twitter to find out ;)
  • If I don't die today, it means that I still need to pay my student loan.
  • Why can't the world just end today 
  • Go back to Showgirls and watch 'em sexy ladies do the sexy dance.
  • Would it actually make the majority of people happy if the world really ends today?
  • If satan tells me the real date of the apocalypse, I think I will rush to the nearest bank and borrow a huge amount of money. Time to splurge on the things I never had...but always see on the internet (ehem high end products)
  • Maybe go on a cruise as well.
  • And take a call boy with me to keep me company???

I don't even know what the hell I just typed. I'm so tired; I've been out the whole week! But today, I'll just stay at home and watch some movies. But if Miguel invites me to go to Showgirls again... who am I to refuse?

Ya'll have a merry apocalypse!

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Christmas Shopping + Short Update

I am now officially broke

Christmas Tree at Sylvia Park :)

2 naughty boys stealing the chocolate jar!

Finally bought an iPhone for myself. Hello Instagram!

Been pretty busy for the last few days, did some massive shopping (and eating too). I guess I won't be posting too much until the end of the holidays. I have a lot of work to finish before Sunday and I'll be in Wellington next week. Life is pretty good but I still wish I can celebrate Christmas and New Year with our relatives. I still have a lot of things to do before Christmas... and no amount of money can help me achieve it. Still hoping for the best!

Also, I believe in splurging therapy. I've been feeling really upset and lonely for the past few weeks and  I tried everything I could to fix it but still no luck. I hope my new phone can keep me happy for a while. 

Hey, I can be materialistic too. 

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Thoughts and realisations about the shooting.

It's 4:30 AM and I'm still wide awake. I've been listening to this particular song for the past three days (non-stop, same song over and over again) but shush, I'm not spilling the title since I'm too embarrassed okay.

On another note, I'm still gathering my thoughts about the Connecticut shooting. My mind is all over the place right now so forgive me if this blog post seems a bit way off. 

I have seen a lot of posts and comments regarding the terrible incident, and there are 3 main issues that seem to be getting a lot of attention, so here's what I have to say:

1.) Some people/business owners are getting harsh tweets/hate emails about insensitivity - This issue sparked within the first few hours after the shooting. A lot of people chose to dedicate their tweets to the victims, whilst others still promoted their products/blogs. Personally, I see NOTHING WRONG with that. People have different ways of coping up and showing respect; sadly, we tend to forget that. Others can choose to move on or distract themselves through working, and that is okay. If you want to show respect by tweeting/making a blog post about it, etc, that's great. But if you don't do any of those, I guess that's fine as well. Life goes on and it does not stop for anybody. Sending hate mails about some petty issue is just a complete waste of time. Live and let live!

2.) Fake Twitter/Paypal accounts - There are A LOT of fake, new accounts going around and asking for donations. The nerves of those people! Where on Earth did you find the guts to google '6 year old boy' , save a random photo, and claim that he's your son who died at the shooting for some money?! I hope those scammers get arrested, have some fucking respect.

3.) Westboro Baptist Church picketing - This is absolutely disgusting. I hope they realise that what they're planning to do is completely the opposite of what they're trying to "convey as the message of God". A lot of families are grieving, the least we can do is respect and give them privacy. I don't see the point of picketing at CHILDREN'S FUNERALS and shoving their hypocritical teachings down the people's throats. I am not a religious person at all, but if God really exists, I am sure that this incident wasn't his punishment for legalising gay marriage. From what I've learnt at my Catholic school (for 10 years), God wants people to spread love, not hate. Practice what you preach and have the decency to stop whatever you're planning to do. 

I hope none of the things I said above appear offensive. I know that we all have different thoughts and opinions regarding the matter and I just stated mine as clearly and carefully as I could. I also hope that those families affected by the tragedy may find inner peace someday. 

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How to be a perfect girlfriend!

Listen, peasants. Today, I'm going to share with you the ultimate steps on how to be the oh so perfect girlfriend (or wifey, whatever) You can thank me later... oh and btw, you're welcome.

Without further adieu, here are the simple steps:

1.) TEXT HIM EVERY 10 MINUTES - Men sure do love being nagged by their girl friends! Ask him where he is, who's with him, what time he's coming home, what he had for lunch, and any other question that you may have in mind. Do this until he gets home! This will prove how much you love and care about him.

2.) THROW A TANTRUM WHENEVER A GIRL LIKES HIS STATUS ON FACEBOOK -  So some bitch liked his status about getting a new car, don't tell me you're just going to sit back and relax? Show your other half that you are so upset about it! You're the only girl who's allowed to like everything he posts on Facebook, that other girl was waaaay out of line. Don't be scared, this only shows that you really do like your boyfriend - and he secretly likes that.

3.) ALWAYS EXPECT HIM TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING - Girls should NEVER pay for anything, especially when they're on a date! It's the men's job to pay for every single thing that girls buy, duh? If he lets YOU pay for any thing at all, that means he's totally not worth it... and he doesn't love you. 

4.) DON'T BE A KILL JOY, MEN LOVE PLAYING PSYCHIC! DON'T TELL HIM WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND! - Seriously, if you're the type of girl who tells her man why you're upset, you're doing it wrong. You should let your man guess wtf is going on, it shows that he truly knows and cares about you. Men love suspense, so don't ruin it for them! Even if it takes a lot of yelling and fighting and silent treatment, don't say anything. Got it?

5.) "CHOOSE ONE: ME OR THAT FREAKING GAME?" - Right after saying this, your man will surely realise how much you really love him. You're jealous of a fucking game for Christ's sake! Of course he'll choose you, he's just waiting for you to react. Trust me, this will bring your relationship to a whole new level. Congratulations!

6.) COMPARE HIM TO EVERY SINGLE GUY YOU DATED/SLEPT WITH - Guys really appreciate it when their girlfriends compare them to other men. This is a competition about everything, after all. Tell your man how your ex boyfriend made you scream and tremble in bed, and how great your sex life used to be. I'm pretty sure he'll smile at you and say "Thanks hun, I really love you for telling me that. I will be better next time. Don't worry, I'm not insecure nor mad!"

7.) BAN HIM FROM WATCHING PORN! THAT'S CHEATING! - As his girlfriend, you are allowed to go through his web history. If some flithy websites come up, confront and accuse him of cheating! This will make your man realise that you really care about your future, that you don't want to spend your life with anyone else but him. This will also indicate that you're possessive, which means you're a total keeper! 

8.) DON'T BOTHER ABOUT YOUR LOOKS/HYGIENE AT ALL - Even if you don't shave and brush your teeth for days, it doesn't matter if your man truly loves you. Hell, you can wear granny panties and let yourself look greasy because he loves you for who you are! Men don't have needs, it's totally unnecessary for you to tidy up yourself. 

9.) ALWAYS LET HIM PLAN OUT YOUR DATES - Men don't like it when women tell them what they want to do on dates, it totally hurts their ego!!! Men only ask women what they want to do as a sign of respect... or they're just really running out of things to talk about. But really, they don't need your opinion. Shut the fuck up and let them plan out everything. 

10.) PLAY DUMB, IT'S SOOOOO CUTE! - Men don't like it when they have smart girlfriends, it makes them feel inferior. Pretend that you don't know this and that, it really makes you look so adorable :) If you are naturally dumb, flaunt it! "OMG! Who's this Adolf Hitler guy that everyone hates? He looks like my grandfather." +100 points for you girl! 

Are there any other tips that you would like to share?

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A Letter to Santa

First of all, I am really sorry for mistyping your name all the time. I first wrote 'Dear Satan' instead of 'Dear Santa' I swear, it was not my intention at all to call you the devil. But if you won't bother reading this, then I may consider calling you that after all.

The main purpose of this letter is to thank you for the wonderful presents that you gave me last year. I almost thought that you cursed the shit out of me since the start of 2012 was really the worst time of my life (really? a tough break up and not ending up going to the only university that I applied to? that's a really great way to scare me!!!) But at least you came to your senses and eventually gave me a much better and deserved treat! I met a lot of people and had so many wonderful opportunities; I can never thank you enough! It was really thoughtful of you to shower me with those beautiful things even though my family never bothered cleaning the chimney (We moved to a new house though that has no chimney; I'll leave the windows open so you won't have to make up a shitty excuse for not delivering my presents this coming year)

In case you're getting really old (and fatter) here's a quick recap of the things you gave me:

  • Macbook which I love to bits and pieces.
  • Canon 60D that's too heavy to carry everywhere but I love it anyway.
  • Sudden change of heart. Took a double degree (Marketing and Info Sys) instead of Psychology, which was my plan since I was like 15. 
  • Sudden change of uni too. Original plan was to go to Wellington and study at Victoria... I never thought I would end up at Massey... which requires me 4 hours of travel everyday. You're not only fat, you're unpredictable too.
  • Awesome friends who made me spend a lot of money on food.
  • Credit Card. 
  • $13,000 student loan.
  • Maturity.
  • A lot of vinyl records.
  • This blog... that I need to maintain.
  • Winning numerous giveaways. I feel so damn lucky every time I get an email saying that I won.
  • Random, sleazy men who boosted my self-esteem. One I'll never forget is that time when some dude just placed his arms around me while I was drinking chocolate milk tea with pearls... and told me that my ass is better than Kim Kardashian's. I choked on the pearls but that's completely okay, it definitely made my day.

Things I want this year:

  • iPhone 5. Seriously, I'm stuck with this shitty N95!!! I want to upload pics of my meals on Instagram too!!! Can't do it on a fat Nokia phone, can I? 
  • Good grades. I want to study abroad on 2014, so I need this really badly!!! Martin will hate me for leaving him at Massey but who cares.
  • Ticket back to my home land!!! I don't mind being stuck at Economy class, a 12-hour flight won't be that bad.
  • More business opportunities.
  • Meet more awesome people.
  • More thrill!!! Gossip Girl is about to end and I need more dose of Blair and Georgina scheming. I used to do it when I was like 12 (not kidding here) Can I have that opportunity again?! It was so fun. My nannies and house maids really hated me though omfg.
  • Good health for my loved ones! Fuck cancer.
  • More random nights in town during uni days. Delicious food and unexpected trips = best way to get through the year!
  • Win the lotto. I swear, I won't call you fat anymore. I'll even pay for your liposuction!!! :)

That's it for now!!! Oh and if you're really busy to read all the things that I listed above, just read my previous post (Fuck Cancer!) :) That's my top one priority right now :)

PS: Thank you for your heartfelt emails and comments regarding yesterday's post. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, I'm sure my grandma does too :)

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Life in a nutshell + Fuck cancer!

It's 5:25 AM and my mind's all over the place... so hopefully, a list would suffice for today.
  • Been working like crazy for the past few weeks... and it feels really good! I like keeping myself busy and productive :)
  • During the weekend, I decided to give myself a break. Not because I want to, but because I needed to... needed to restore my energy and allow my brain to rest. 
  • It was my mum's 48th birthday yesterday :) Had a fancy dinner at some great restaurant but I had a mild headache due to my excessive time spent in front of my laptop.
  • Today, I need to make up my mind whether I'll volunteer at Sylvia Park or not. Everyone's nagging me but I'm not sure if I can handle the pressure. Gah, I wish I had more confidence in myself.
  • I am drinking a warm cup of Swiss Miss as I type this... but I bet you're not surprised ;) Everyone  knows I'm a sucker for that.
  • Finally got my exam results. I can finally breathe... and not worry about any uni-related stuff until March (yes bitches, I'm on a 4-month summer break)
  • It just hit me that my parents are getting older and weaker every single day. It's like a wake up call when I took my parents' photos yesterday, realised that they are no longer the young couple that they used to be. It makes me incredibly sad that time goes by so fast... and I feel like I've wasted a lot of time that I could have spent with them.
  • Fuck cancer... which leads to my next important appeal.

As for the special request, I am humbly asking for your help. Since I have no uni nor any bills to pay (except for my credit card) I am so delighted that I can share my weekly income to my grandma who's currently fighting breast cancer. I am not asking for donations, you can help me give her more money for medications and hospital bills through sponsorship or by purchasing any services from my online shop. I would gladly appreciate any help that I can get.

Regarding sponsorships, I can discuss other options with you. If you would like to host a solo/group giveaway, we can set that up. If you have any queries or sponsorship ideas, I'm sure we can work this out as well. Just flick me an email and we'll go on from there.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I wish I could spend my Christmas with my grandma, too bad she's oceans away from us. If you read my previous post, I stated there that I'm deciding whether I should get a "real" job. I think the answer is yes. I'm not sure if I can balance my work as a freelancer and a full time employee but we'll see. I just want to see my grandma next year :)

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Unforgettable Childhood Memories

I guess yesterday's blog post caught a lot of attention (and new readers too!) I decided to make a part deux and talk about my unforgettable childhood experience. I have no diary about it nor any sorts of memorabilia, everything I will type out is from my good memory ;) 

1.) When I was in 3rd grade (9 or 10 years old) my period arrived and I had no tampon/sanitary pad with me so I went around the room and asked my female classmates if they had spare ones...and they just looked at me weirdly. I forgot that I was an early bloomer and maybe they didn't even know what the fuck I was asking for.

2.) My teacher threatened me by saying that he won't release my grades unless I join the singing contest. I was so unprepared so I sang "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. Worst day of my life, may I add. I'm only comfortable singing in a group, not solo! I think he wanted to teach me a lesson.

3.) Since first grade, people have been pairing me up with this particular guy (who is smart and cute btw, and I crushed on him for like 7 years) Even the teachers know about it so on Valentines Day, my teacher asked me to go to the guy's classroom and say hi. I said NO so he dragged me all the way to his room and it was so embarrassing. My pink Barbie lunchbox was strapped on my body, my fork and spoon were clanging to each other, and you could totally smell the tomato sauce inside my lunch box. I was so red the whole time, I felt my stomach turn upside down. But to be honest, I secretly liked it and so thankful that my teacher did it ;)

4.) This went on for AGES. The following year (4th grade), the teachers ensured that we were on the same class. It was so hilarious.

5.) I always thought that we were meant to be... we were bus mates, became neighbours (I swear, I had nothing to do with it!) and classmates. We pretended to "hate" one another but we all know that we really like each other. Looking back, I realised that my life was so great back then. Even as a child, I was already a god-sent hilarious motherfucker who daydreamed a lot... and my imagination turned out to be real!

6.) As I've mentioned earlier, I was an early bloomer; so needless to say that I already had massive tits when I was in 3rd grade. I felt really shy and awkward because during P.E, they would just bounce and the other girls would tease me, saying that I placed apples or oranges inside my "baby bra". I'm also active in school productions and whatnot so dancing and jumping around with my awkward body didn't help either. 

7.) I went to the restroom to skip a very boring class... and found this girl setting the school on fire. I ran to my teacher as fast as I could... and  forgot to put down my skirt. FML.

8.) When I was in 4th grade, 2 boys decided to lock me inside the school bus, put glitters on my head, and chased me around to kiss me (eewwww cooties!!!) Apparently, it was their way of showing love and affection on Valentines Day. I cried for the rest of the day.

9.) When I got my very first cellphone, I was so excited to use it and most of my friends either didn't have one yet or had no phone credits so I followed our house maids' habits and texted random people. I came across sleazy men who were really way too old for me (I was 11, they were like 20+) I pretended to be 18 and every time they would ask to meet up, I'd stop txting them. Yes, I was a horrible child. I know, I know.

10.) In 3rd grade, a lot of my classmates and friends already signed up for their first ever email addresses and Friendster accounts (similar to Myspace) I decided to jump into the bandwagon and nagged my mum to lend me the laptop and help me set up my own. We had no scanner back then so I spent endless night how on earth I'll upload a photo of myself on Friendster.  I had a snazzy phone back then (waaaay cooler than the rest of my classmates') it had the potential of bluetooth and sending email so I was able to upload it after endless research. When the rest of my classmates started nagging me about it, I told them to find any photo they like and slam it against their PC monitor/laptop and it will scan automatically. I am a spawn of Satan, I know.

Oh and in case you were wondering, turns out I was right all along. The guy whom they've been pairing me up with since we were like 7 years old liked me as well. My God, I spent 7 years of my life wondering about it and he just told me when I was about to migrate to New Zealand. Boys are such dicks, I swear. He pretended to hate me for 7 freaking years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Types of Men I Would Not Date

My weekend was totally shit, I just want to fast forward the holiday season and move on to the normal days. I'm feeling really angsty, so not in the mood for any types of celebration and whatnot. Every one's posting about Christmas, New Year, and even Valentines Day! Wake me up when it's already March?

Moving on to the main topic of this post, I did a major cleaning yesterday. I got really bored and I didn't wanna waste our bandwidth by watching Gossip Girl all day long so I picked up the broom and tidied up my room. I found my oh so beloved shoe box which was under my bed (and haven't opened it for a year... until yesterday) Oh you know, just the usual letters from friends and ex boyfriends, photos, test results, pregnancy kits, etc. The thing that caught my attention and had me distracted for at least an hour is my Hello Kitty notebook. I wouldn't call it a diary since I didn't document my everyday life in it but I read it anyway since I was really curious. 

My god I wanted to stab my eyes when I saw this particular entry entitled: "Types of Men I Would Not Date"

I wrote it on 09/29/2006 (I always write down dates, thank goodness) I can't recall the exact reason why I wrote it but it doesn't matter, it's up to you to judge for yourself because I'm going to type it right now - exactly how I wrote it. I tried scanning it but it's too burry so here ya go:

Someone who won't do my homeworks - Mr. Mallari is giving me a hard time since I always get low marks in Maths. I want to be with someone who will give me all the answers... Is this even possible??? Haha boys are dumb. I tried getting Paolo's Math book but he got mad. I thought he had a crush on me?

Someone who does not like Star Wars and Beyblade - None of my girl friends know my favourite show and movie and that's okay since I don't like Bratz anyway. But I think all boys know Star Wars and Beyblade, so not possible for them not too!!! They are boys!!!???! Duh!!??

Someone who is not smart - Since I was in kindergarten, I have always liked smart boys. I always get an award every term and I think my parents will get mad if I marry a dumb boy. My mum said dumb people won't have a bright future. Maybe I will marry a doctor someday.

Someone who does not know who Spongebob is - I think boys who don't know who Spongebob is are either pretending to be tough and like the much cooler stuff or just plain poor to afford cable. Maybe if they don't have cable, he won't have money for dates too. Girls should never pay for dates. 

Someone who will make fun of me for still listening to Britney Spears and Mandy Moore - I think if a guy really likes me, he should not laugh that I still burn Britney and Mandy songs on my CDs. I tried so hard not to like them anymore but I can't do it. Love me or hate me.

Someone who is a bully - Last year, 2 boys made fun of my hair because it looks like a bird's nest. They are cute but so mean. I don't want my future husband to make fun of me too. I will have a hair surgery someday when I already have a job.

Someone who will tell me to be like any other woman out there in the whole wide world - My mum always tells me that no boy will ever like me because I am too demanding, noisy, so unlady-like, and leave my stuff everywhere. My dad married my mum because she is a perfect woman but what about me? :( I think I can still change but if I can't, just need to find the boy who will still marry me. Or maybe I can marry a woman too? I will ask mum later and update this.

Laters, guys. I have a notebook to burn.

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Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

If you want to hang with mah hood... read below (I know it looks like my friend's pushing his dick inside my ass but I swear he's not)

If you want to have the very best friend in the world (aka me) then there are some things you need to know:
  • Anacondas and I have the same appetite - Seriously, ask any of my friends, especially Martin. I eat like a pig, my mum even tells me that if I don't stop pigging out, people will think she doesn't feed me at home. All I ask in return is for you show the same enthusiasm for food. Since most of my friends are guys, it's not actually a problem for now ;)
  • You need to dislike the same people that I don't actually like - I know we're too old for Mean Girls but at the end of the day, I am still a girl. I don't care if you're a guy and your penis gets so excited when this particular girl passes by; if I don't like her, you should not like her too!!! End of story!!!
  • Do not expect me to text you - because I won't. I only use my crappy N95 phone to txt one person, and sorry it's not you (unless your debit card gets declined because you're a peasant or you crashed your car because you're a shitty driver ok i'm not that mean after all) 
  • I will talk about you in my blog a lot - This is really obvious. I talk about Martin a lot and some of you even thought he's my sugar daddy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.
  • I will buy you lots of stuff so you will continue to love me - Well okay, maybe just food. I love buying food for people so you better be a goddamn grateful. If I give you 3 Mrs. Higgins cookies, I'm somehow expecting something from you next time! 
  • I will drag you to different places - I love going to different places and trying out new stuff. If you are my BFF, you and your wallet must be prepared all the time. Being a peasant is not an excuse, you befriended me so you have to bear the consequences. Get a fucking job or something, I heard prostitution is on demand at K-Road this season.

  • I collect records... so go to Real Groovy with me, maybe?
  • I love giving surprises... so please don't be a kill joy.. especially on your birthday ;D
  • We're gonna have a lot of inside jokes... and my sense of humour is really sick and twisted. I hope you won't leave me.
  • I will invite your family to our family outings, dinner, etc. 
  • I will ask you a lot of odd and twisted favours. Don't worry, it will be fun.
  • I am a big fan of horror movies, so please have a horror movie marathon with me?
  • I will bombard your FB... and it's okay to bombard my timeline too. In fact, I love that.
  • I will edit the shit out of our photos.. and no, not to make us skinny... (refer to pic above)

And the best part? I know you'll love hanging out with me and my other friends. Don't believe me? See below:

Miguel went inside my room and played with my Star Wars figures. This is how they look like now.

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