10 Hypothetical questions... I answered.

I know most of us complain about having a writer's block and having to stare at the post editor for hours. I spent the first half of my day working and the second half watching Grey's Anatomy (well, just 5 episodes

After dinner, I pressured myself to come up with a good topic but my mind bulb seems to be busted from working. Then, I remembered all the 'hypothetical' things that Martin and I asked each other whilst waiting for the bus.

You'll learn nothing from here so if you have a busy day ahead, might as well skip this... I'm joking, please don't go.

1.) What would you prefer? To receive $1 a day for the rest of your life or $1,000 cash? - $1000 cash! I won't even defend my answer with some Finance shit because we all know how much I loathe that subject. The thing is, I could use the instant cash for several things like expanding my business. Waiting for 1,000 days feels like a millenium to me. 

2.) If ever God's real and he tells you that your current boyfriend's not the one for you (but you're incredibly happy with him at the moment) Would you break up with him? - Erm, no. I would rather enjoy what I have right now than throw it all away.  

3.) If you were a high school teacher, what would you teach? - English!!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to be a teacher but my parents made sure they talked me out of it and they succeeded (don't even get me started about that) I think the best part would be reading my students' essays... and grading them ;) When I was in 6th grade, my English teacher asked me to mark my classmates' papers.. I "doctored" all their papers and the whole class passed that term. That's when I realised I'm going to be a terrible teacher.

4.) Would you give up true love for $10,000,000? - I can't believe he asked me this question!

5.) Would you accept a $30k/week job offer where you get paid to sit in a pitch black room and do nothing for 8 hours a day? - Nooooooo!!! I go CRAZY when I do nothing. I would rather work my ass off all day than sit down until my ass gets numb. What's the point of having so much money when I can't enjoy it?

6.) You're being held at gunpoint, and the gunman asks you for one reason why he shouldn't pull the trigger, what do you tell him? - I have a blog to maintain.

7.) If you were the opposite sex for a month, how would you spend it? - Not even gonna lie, I'm going to hit town and slut it up. Hey I'm a man for 30 days, give me a break. And great opportunities. 

8.) If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, or masseuse, which would you choose? - I eat like a pig, extremely good cook please.

9.) If your partner cheated on you, would you want to know? Guaranteed that he will never do it again and it meant nothing - People say that what you don't know won't kill you. But personally, I would rather find out. 

10.) What would your mum say if she found your blog? - Shut up.

If you want to repost this, feel free to do so! :) And if you have other hypothetical questions to add/ask, you are more than welcome to type it below!

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  1. Number 3 -- YES! I would love to read students' essays and homework all night! Forget about tv shows haha. I think teaching would be fun, but challenging. I googled it when I graduated college.. most of the stuff i read was bad :/

    I bet the students would like your grading method. The principal, not so much. ahah

    And no worries, if I was a man, I'd slut it up too! They would do the same too if they were in our bodies... you know, after they got done playing with the boobs for a day or two.

  2. This got me and my sister searching up more hypothetical questions to ask each other!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post, i found myself wondering what id do in these situations as i was reading your answers.

    I may do a similar post if you dont mind? I'll credit you for the idea :)
    Natalie xx

  4. When me and my fiance start up on hypothetical questions... it gets very inappropriate very fast haha I don't think I could replicate this post on my blog for that exact reason :)
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  5. These are pretty funny questions! Very mind boggling! Number two is a doosey!
    The Introverted Brunette

  6. I love hypothetical questions!
    I'll keep asking them until my friends want to punch me but they are great :D
    Loving your answers! Though no 8 has a pretty clear winner, I mean what's better than awesome food! That's FREE baby <3

  7. cute blog you have here! I found you on website with a list on NZ bloggers, yay for being a kiwi haha!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  8. If you were guy for a month, the first thing you'd probably do is wank ;) hahaha admit it Gia hahahaha love your blog bebs <3 keep it up! ;) form your loving PA. see you on saturday!

  9. Hello! Your blog is super duper lovely. This post is hilarious and lovely and just delightful to read. Especially love the "I have a blog to maintain" response. If ever I am in the situation with the gun to my head I think I might steal that response of yours :D


  10. I loved this post so much! xx


  11. Love this post!)
    your mum doesn't know that you have this blog?! ))

  12. 5.) Would you accept a $30k/week job offer where you get paid to sit in a pitch black room and do nothing for 8 hours a day? - Nooooooo!!! I go CRAZY when I do nothing. I would rather work my ass off all day than sit down until my ass gets numb. What's the point of having so much money when I can't enjoy it?

    Haha loved this post. I would do the same :D

  13. Great blog, you've written some lovely posts :)

  14. Oh man. I love that this blog post happened. You have an amazing friend. I know how you feel about the mother not knowing. Mine doesn't either for the best, really is.


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