Blame the media? Think again.

I'm pretty sure that most of us have already heard the saying that the media is responsible for a lot of negative stuff that's happening right now. False advertising and expectations everywhere, from magazines to "reality" TV shows. Some parents even blame celebrities for their children's actions; you know, all those violent shows and latest scandals. Yup, all fingers are now pointed at the media.

But here's the thing, if we are all AWARE about the negative influences that they're shoving down our throats, why do we still let them get in the way of our actions and thoughts? What's stopping us from living the life that we want, instead of blaming it to the media? 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I don't have issues about myself. In fact, my self esteem tends to be 10 feet off the ground most of the time. Whenever I feel unattractive or unable to reach the goals that I want for myself, there's no one else to blame but ME. When people suggest that the media is the reason for my unhappiness, it makes me feel shallow. Like I base my self worth and happiness around some glamour magazines or fucked up TV shows. 

I guess what I'm trying to say here is instead of trying to seek out the problem, we instead blame the media for making us unhappy. Want to know a little something, guys? We ARE the media. The media is only showing us what we’ve bought in to. There wouldn’t be a Lindsay Lohan or a Britney Spears or a Snookie if we weren’t watching it. And you know what? We need these people. We need to see these people crash and burn so we can point our finger and say “See? My life is fucked up, but man, at least I’m not going to rehab or flashing my cooch or sleeping with different men.” I almost feel sorry for these people, because we stare at their lives and make them rich and famous, and then look down on them to make ourselves feel better. My point is, stop blaming it. Take a moment to step back and realise people have bigger issues, and if you really think mainstream media is so awful, take steps to change it instead of complaining about it. 

You can continue blaming the media for all the reasons you can think of. But remember this: At the end of the day, it's still YOU who decides for your actions and emotions. 

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  1. Very inspirational post. You are so right about the media being the blame for all of the bad things happening right now and it is total BS. Great post :)

  2. I love this post, you're completely right... I hate how people blame the media for everything that's wrong with our generation! xx

  3. No snooki? My life would be over! I would never blame the media for our society. numero uno reason... our society is 99% awesome and perhaps 1% is a bit dodgy. I absolutely love living in our time - we are super lucky and I think peeps need to be more appreciative of that.
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  4. The media frankly sucks - I try hard to not watch reality TV shoes (NEVER seen jersey shore) and it sneaks into our lives. But we do have the power to ignore it - it's just hard sometimes! Great perspective.

  5. What a fabulous post and so perfectly stated. Great post!