So here's what they've always wanted to tell me.

Today's post is going to be a little... odd. Since I'm busy working and catching up on Grey's Anatomy, I decided to let my objects do a guest post for me. I did some sort of interview and here's the chance to let you guys know what they think about me! (or what they want to say) I swear I'm not mental... not yet.

Okay let's do this.

  • iPhone - Seriously, stop taking hundreds of photos. You take 5 photos for the same freaking pose. You do know that my battery life sucks, right? Use me for something else! And playing Temple Run 2 doesn't count either, you suck at that game. Why don't you catch up with your friends? Oh that's right, you don't have phone credits. Who's the peasant now?

  • Macbook - I know how much you love me, I can feel that. You use me every single day, you even bought me a nice purple casing! Don't be offended but why do you ALWAYS sleep next to me? It's not that I don't like you... it's just that I think we deserve a break from time to time. You don't have to read emails in the middle of the night, I need a rest too. I promise I'll still be here when you wake up... just let me sleep on the desk... PLEASE?

  • Bed - If you think I don't know what your friends say about me, well think again. They may always complain that I'm the hardest bed they've ever encountered but I'm here for your scoliosis! You know your back won't survive without me ;)

  • DVD player - Seriously? 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in less than 2 weeks? Don't you have a life?

  • Guy at Blockbuster - Seriously? 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 1 week? And stop acting dorky when you're about to pay for the DVDs, I'm too old for you, I could be your dad.

  • Record player - You have 600+ other records, why do you play this album every single day? 

  • Camera - Stop taking photos of your siblings' butt cracks, your mum sleeping, and random hotties. I'm worth like $2000, use me for something nice. Like rainbows and the blue ocean.

  • Fridge - Dude, no matter how many times you open me, you still won't find anything good to eat.  Go to the nearest dairy or something instead of pestering me.

  • Bean bag - You know, most people will sit on me or something. What I don't understand is why I'm being treated as a laundry basket. 

  • Slippers - STOP TREATING ME LIKE SHIT! You always leave me in the middle of nowhere... and then steal your siblings' slippers. What the fuck is THAT? Don't you love me?! I have feelings too! I'm getting really jealous here. 

Clearly, they all hate me.

Your turn.

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  1. I liked this post. It's very funny. :D

  2. lol agreed, i enjoyed this :)

  3. Hahaha. This is awesome!!


  4. hahaha the guy at blockbuster one...too good.

  5. HAAHAAH this is hilarious! pretty sure your iPhone and my iPhone think the same. Love this post :)


  7. Hahaha this post is super funny ^^

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  8. Your posts make me laugh so much hahah! xx

  9. Oh man too funny. I love that about the fridge. It's soo funny because I do that too. That made me smile.

  10. such a great post! Love it! :)

    And I am with you on Grey's!! My favourite show of ALL TIME!

    Ngaio xx