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We hosted a party yesterday and I'm still very tired. It's Sunday morning and don't kill me for saying this but... I cannot wait for Monday!!! I have really nothing to blog about today, so thankfully, I have 4 ladies here to introduce! Go and say hi, make friends! 

Welcome to Whispering Sweet Nothings! This is the story of a flawed girl. She’s not known for being decisive. She’s honest and unafraid to speak her mind, sometimes to a fault. And she wishes she had more to offer this world. With 7 siblings, a knack for writing, and an unhealthy obsession with sunshine, she's quite the well-rounded gal you’ll learn. As a finance major, she doesn't get to express her creative side much, so this is an outlet to do just that. Join me in the trials and tribulations of this crazy little thing called life, won’t you? 

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I'm Summer Candy (yes that is my real name) from Oh Summer Candy. I believe in looking fabulous frugally and I am always on the hunt for the perfect price. When I'm not bargain hunting, I like to spend time in the mountains, eating hamburgers, collect vintage items and documenting my life one photo at a time. My blog's mission is to help all females look fabulous on a budget, introduce amazing music and much more! Come visit.

I was asked to write a bloggers blurb, I'm not very good at this sort of thing, but i'll give it ago! Hi there my name is Leigh. I am the sole runner of the Obviousleigh blog. I always find everyones fashion styles interesting and try to gain something from everything i read and hear. My blog is giving something back, so here you will find mainly a log of my personal style. Just adding something for good measure i chuck in a bit of cooking, D.I.Y, and products i have enjoyed. Why don't you grab a cup of tea (I take two sugars with milk!) and stay for a while?

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The name is Cody and yes I am legal, even if I don’t look it. That is my real redhead hair. I got it from my mother and she got it from hers. Redheads runs in the family. I am pretty blunt and honest. Some people see that as a flaw, I see it as a blessing. I also have the terrible habit of interrupting people; I don’t mean anything by it, just happens. Other than that I am a pretty down to earth girl. I throw myself in when I am passionate about something so you know you can expect great things out of this blog. My blog? Well, it is pretty much a lifestyle blog, heavy on the style. I am crazy about fashion and finding the lasted trends for cheap but that doesn’t always mean I follow the rules. I am also working on New Year’s Resolutions and bucket list. I want my life to be filled to the brim. Soon I will be going to College for Marine Biology because marine animals are my life. Growing up as a Floridian proves it. Haha. Anyways, stop by my little blog or any of my other places to see what I am all about. (After you put your left foot in, jkjk)

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! Headed to meet the other gals :) Did you get my button?

  2. Just recently followed Oh Summer Candy, great blog! I'll definitely check these other ladies out!
    The Introverted Brunette