Hello? Any bloggers out there who want some incentives?

Hope you guys had a great weekend! I stayed at home since I brainstormed many exciting ideas for my shop ;) As most of you may know, I'm going back to uni next week so I need to get things done by then! Don't worry, I'm not closing down the shop. Uni didn't stop me from blogging and working last year so this year won't be any different.

Now for the exciting part, I have included YOU in my plans. A lot of you told me that you want to get something from my shop but the budget just makes it impossible, so I came up with something.

You can now apply to be a blogger partner with The Savvy Chics. We will give discounts (minimum of $10 discount) to bloggers who are keen to support and review our products/services.

Please note: Discounts will vary, depending on the number of followers, social media presence, etc. But our discount will always be $10 or more! 

What you will get:

  • Discounted illustration that you will surely love!
  • Your illustration + link to your blog + your twitter handle on my Facebook and Twitter.
  • You may be featured on my shop and blog as well.
  • Free small ad for 15 days.

So if you think we're a great fit and have been lusting over a custom illustration, contact me now ;) This is going to be really fun! I will also be introducing referral rewards soon, so get the word out for more discounts!

Also, here's a quick survey (I know you guys LOVE answering surveys, don't deny it!) It would help me a lot if you could spare a minute or two to answer this!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

PS: First 3 bloggers to contact me will automatically receive a $15 discount, whether you have 1 or 1000 followers ;)

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  1. I did the survey but there was no field to include my contact information. Not sure if it is automatically electronically collected or not :)

    1. no the contact info's not collected as it's totally anonymous but thank you so much for your feedback! i will definitely consider it. in fact, i'll start editing now ;)

  2. This sounds really awesome and I am totally interested!
    My blogging will be more focused soon as they layout is being redone for a bit of a motivation boost and more wedding plans to blog about!


  3. Love this idea! I don't have 500 followers just yet though!


  4. Amazing idea! Wish I had 500 followers so I could sign up :P