Voluminous Messy Plait + Custom portrait

Hello guys! I have another wonderful lady who's going to share a beauty post today on my blog. I have been incredibly busy so I'm really thankful for having Sarah here today.

Oh and by the way, here's her custom portrait! :) If you're keen to have yourself illustrated as well, you can always have a nose at my design shop :)

Having pretty much stick-straight hair with hardly any volume, having my hair up always proves somewhat of a dilemma. Should I risk looking bald to keep my hair off my face and neck, or play it safe ( if rather uncomfortably at times) with it down?

With spring on its way, I'm so looking forward to all the pretty hairstyles I can do, and after gazing lustfully at pictures of gorgeous models with thick, luscious hair, I realised that there are so many ways for me to add that volume my hair so desperately needs, and here's just a very simple, quick tutorial on making a thicker, textured plait that is super easy to wear and create.

What you will need:
  • Volumising spray/ powder
  • Invisible hair elastics
  • Normal hair elastics

Before you start, you can add a little extra volume by using a root boost spray, volumising powder or backcombing your hair, depending on what you prefer and how you want to look. Unfortunately with my hair, no amounts of spray can lift up my hair, and backcombing takes hours to brush out.

To start, bring all your hair to one side, and separate into 3 sections. Take the middle section and, once again, separate into 3 parts.

Plait your newly split mini-sections as far down as possible and tug lightly at the plait after tying with invisible elastics (available at most drug stores) to loosen it up, relaxing the look and adding slightly more volume and texture.

Take your other two sections, and plait the three strands together as you would normally and secure with any hair tie you wish. For more relaxed looking hair braid loosely, and for messier styled hair braid at a normal tension and tug the plait as you wish after securing with a hair tie about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way down.

Hope you found this blog post useful and enjoyable, and feel free to check out my blog Nars Obsessor :)

Sarah xx


  1. This is such a great idea! I too have straight hair with very little volume and I know what you mean about the volumising sprays. Definitely going to try this :)
    Jess xx


  2. Very cool! I will need to try this soon!

  3. I have the exact same problem. I must pick up some volumizing spray and try this :)

    Amy | The Little Koala

  4. Such a pretty look! I have really thin hair too so volumising spray is a must for me! xx


  5. I wish I had your problem. Frizz is worse than straight hair.