November 01, 2013

Birthday Wishlist.

It only seems yesterday when I was blogging about my birthday month, time goes by really fast! Since it's already the first day of November, I insist that I can already post my birthday wish list ;) Especially since I know that some of my closest friends visit my blog often (so here's your hint!!!) Hahaha I kid, I kid (but really...)

1.) Guess iPhone 5 case - The moment I saw this at Farmer's, I instantly fell in love with it. It looks sophisticated yet simple, and there are so many colours to choose from! But my top 2 faves are the pink and beige ones.

2.) ATH M50 headphones - I am a sucker for top-notch music quality so I'm lusting over these lovely pair of headphones. Many consider it as an entry-level audiophile headphones, and it costs much cheaper than the infamous Beats by Dre! (it also sounds way better... much much better)

3.) iPod Classic - Yes, I do have an iPhone, but it still feels different when I listen to an actual mp3 player. I also like scrolling the wheel instead of a touch screen when it comes to choosing songs, that's why I really like this!

4.) Guess watch - It sparkles and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Who wouldn't want this?

5.) Gucci horsechain wallet - This is the most expensive shit on this list, and also the thing that I'll never get. It costs about NZD$1000 and I'm pretty sure my mum would rather get me a plane ticket somewhere than purchase this wallet. But hey if anyone out there has a spare thousand, maybe you could send it over here.

6.) Lolita Jeffrey Campbells - FYI, I'm a size 5.


I already posted this on my birthday party's event page on Facebook. The reactions of my friends are priceless. I also sent a private one to my mum via email and do you know what her reply was? 



  1. I love the Jeffery Campbell Litas! I saw that is doing a 25% off sale on their website right now on anything! I'm thinking of picking up a pair myself now! :)

  2. I stopped using my iPhone as an iPod and grabbed myself an iPod. Best decision I made since my phone battery last longer and I don't have to worry about losing my storage gigs.

  3. Hi Gia, November baby ka rin pala hehe :D

    Ang mamahal naman ng bday wishlist mo, don't worry nanjan lng si Sta. Claus sa tabi tabi... who knows, he might grant your wishes for your birthday!


  4. Those aren't cheap things you've chosen - but I wouldn't mind getting all that stuff as well. ;-)

  5. love the headphones0.0 would love to have it tooc:

  6. how bout I buy you a nguess watch? Would that be ok.

  7. Oh I love the sparkles on that Guess watch!! The case looks gorgeous too and I would want that for my birthday (but first, I have to have an iPhone) hahah!

  8. love those jeffrey campbells! they are on my wish list too :)


  9. Those headphones look amazing! I got some for Christmas, but they weren't Audio Technica. But still they were very good. Hope you had an awesome holiday!


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